The Black Hole Picture, Explained By Astrophysicists | WIRED



  • Critters 2 months ago

    We can photograph a black hole 50 million light years away, but we can't get a good video stream between two points on earth :)

  • Stevie Bee 2 months ago

    Due to the fact that the moon is inhabited by Alien beings that keep the human race under their microscope. We're lab rats people... you can now go back to your so-called " normal life" steeple.

  • SenpieX 2 months ago

    **Flat Earther wants to know your location**

  • Cymoon RBACpro 26 days ago

    SenpieX You know it’s been my experience jerks like you are know nothing!

  • ct92404 1 months ago

    @alfred fanshaw So you're one of those schizophrenic conspiracy theorists?

  • Anson Hu 2 months ago

    If you go on Reddit you will see that the black hole in HD is actually the Firefox logo

  • Snow Ball an hour ago

    FukU2222 that’s a solar eclipse do you think they faked the picture? Thanks for giving me a good laugh

  • Sawyer McGarvey 2 months ago

    more like a donut

  • Lame Cat 2 months ago

    Stephen Hawking was probably shouting somewhere

  • Tom 4444 2 months ago

    Anyone else not understand a word they are talking about but keep going along with it?

  • Rain Forest Rc 1 months ago

    Gravitational pull, protons, pressure, heat. Simple as that. Almost.

  • Tom 4444 2 months ago

    Galaxy S7 very interesting, thanks

  • Toppins 2 months ago

    Space makes me feel so small. I just can’t be comprehended how big it is.

  • patrick bateman a months ago

    Toppins why are you yet another slave of scientism? just why

  • Eklypised 1 months ago

    Saw one video where they tried to scale it where the earth is the size of a tennis ball and the sun is this huge sphere that can fit on a city block.

  • SpikyTuber 2 months ago

    I wish Stephen Hawking could have seen this.

  • Grace Mladenik 2 months ago

    Why did I think it was John and Hank Green in the thumbnail

  • Fernando Velásquez 2 months ago

    Grace Mladenik same

  • Connor 2 months ago

    I was literally about to say why does it seem that every astrophysicist is another version of John and Hank Green

  • prone 2 months ago

    looks like someone put a flashlight behind a ballsack and took a picture of it

  • JLynn Conner 2 months ago

    Wasnt that flashlight cold? When applied i mean

  • Stevo Canuck 2 months ago

    the real black hole is the side of the car seat. i'm still looking for my wallet