SUPER IDEA!!! LED lamp of infinite rotation on bearings (on Arduino with remote control)

  • Published on:  12/16/2018
  • Details were printed on 3D printer Creality Ender-3 --
    HILDA 220V 170W Electric Mini Drill --
    Bearings 606zz --
    LED strip 5050 60pcs / m --
    Gear motor -- http://ali ahhh!pub/2yonn0
    Arduino Nano --
    Mounting platform-
    DuPont wires for Arduino -- - (20cm); - (10cm).
    IR receiver -- http://ali ahhh!pub/2yonff
    Relay module 5V --
    DC connector --
    Terminals - http://ali ahhh!pub/2ys1tc
    Converter 12-5V --
    Wires --
    Power supply 12V, 4.5 A --

    Great idea! Led lamp of infinite rotation on bearings using Arduino and control via IR-port.

    Schemes, sketch, 3D models:

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