10 Minute Acting Class: The Mechanics of Characterization (The Actor's Division of Consciousness)

  • Published on:  5/20/2020
  • How do actors create characters? Do we become totally different people? What happens to us when we act? These are questions that many actors ask and depending on who you are and what acting technique you ascribe to; the answers can vary widely. In this video, I describe the process according to Legendary Acting Teacher, Michael Chekhov. We'll talk about the actor's "division of consciousness", why you can't really play "yourself" when you act, the creative process that takes place when you act, the actor's Higher and Lower Self, and much more. 1:14 - Do you become a different person when you act?

    2:13 - Casting and your "look"
    2:51 - The definition of "self": Lower Self
    3:47 - The Higher Self and the World of Objective Imagination
    4:11 - The Concept of "Ball" 4:47 - Interpreting Hamlet
    5:45 - Making the Intangible Tangible
    6:37 - The Instinct for Truth
    7:15 - How the artist's connection to the Higher Self works
    7:40 - The Mechanics of Building a Character
    8:45 - Creativity and Control
    9:21 - The Actor's Division of Consciousness
    10:40 - Why you can never really play "yourself" on stage

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