We're Leaving! Itinerary For Reveal NZ Season 2

  • Published on:  2/28/2021
  • Season 2 of our Reveal NZ travels is starting! We're sharing our New Zealand itinerary for the vlogs to come in the new series and a lot of... ☺ Check out Storyblocks here — https://storyblocks.com/daneandstacey

    We're so bloody excited to be heading off on some more New Zealand travels! Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough and the Upper East Coast are the focus for this season.

    This New Zealand leg will feature everything from hikes, flights, whales, dolphins, hot air balloons, amazing accommodation, retreats, spas, food, wine and an epic campervan / motorhome.

    Going vanlife again is going to be fun - we loved having a motorhome on our last travels and have found an even better option this time!

    More than just the upper South Island, the rest of New Zealand is also an incredibly beautiful country with so much to offer — but it's a lot larger than people expect! We're producing the Ultimate New Zealand Travel Guide, a hub full of Kiwi knowledge to help you on your next adventures here. Find out more — https://danegerandstacey.com/nzguide

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