Neuromarketing: How Companies are Studying your Brain for Profit | ENDEVR Documentary

  • Published on:  10/18/2020
  • Neuromarketing: How Companies Are Studying Your Brain for Profit | Investigative Documentary from 2012

    More and more companies are turning to neuromarketing. This controversial practice involves studying consumers’ brains, analyzing how and why we respond to certain stimuli, in order to influence our decisions. It’s based on the idea that 90% of the decisions we make are taken at a subconscious level. If a brand can speak directly to our ‘gut instinct’, bypassing reason, they will sell more products. One company that has used neuromarketing is McDonald’s. They developed a perfume that was subtly diffused in restaurants to increase brand association and boost sales. Proctor & Gamble also tried a similar trick. Sales of Ariel washing powder increased by 70% after an artificial perfume was placed under the lid.
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