The Backstreet Boys taught me everything I know about love (JackAsk #88)

  • Published on:  11/19/2018
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  • jacksfilms 7 months ago

    But for real, please listen to "If You Want It to Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)". It is exactly as good as it sounds

  • jacksfilms cannot believe that don’t play Pokémon

  • ShyGuy72 6 months ago

    Excuse me Jack, can you give us an acronym for Christmas or Xmas either one is fine

  • Beyond Tubular 7 months ago

    Why do good girls want to be tracer?

  • rσsєgσldєn 6 months ago

    Im already tracer

  • Kamran Uddin 6 months ago


  • Izzy 7 months ago

    Backstreet boys taught you about love? But...*What is love?*

  • KasabianFan44 2 months ago

    Camera of a mad manThe song is already ruined as it is. It’s a pile of shite.

  • Sir 6 months ago

    Vsauce,Izzy here.

  • ethan neipris 7 months ago

    3 minutes of actual content in a 6 minute video. I'm disappointed John.

  • Takemi Corrado 7 months ago

    “I think I’m busy that day” was Erin’s response when Jack said “will you marry me?”

  • Jay2a 7 months ago

    Must've been hard for Jack to squeeze 7 whole questions into a 5 minute JackAsk episode

  • Nikhil Modayur 7 months ago

    Where has the comedy gone on this channel?

  • R3Testa 7 months ago

    Don't count the ones that are there for the ads.

  • Dino The TRex 7 months ago

    The backstreet boys are the reason we have Jacksfilms...Kill them

  • Amy Kieran 7 months ago

    Dibas Sarkar thank you!

  • UpsizeMeming - 7 months ago

    subscribe to pewdiepiet series worships the devil

  • Michael Swanepoel 7 months ago

    Hey Jack. Long time viewer, and I want to help out, considering that you were asking for input in the last video. Take a break, take a week off and try to figure out what your passionate and want to make videos about. Many creators burn out because the don't take time for themselves. You dont seem enthusiastic in this one, in fact you seem tired. I love your stuff man, some of my favourite videos on youtube are from this channel. Don't over work yourself.

  • Cesar Salad 6 months ago

    Wait that last video was for real? It was hard to tell with all those “ads”

  • *Jazz Music Stops* 7 months ago

    @Nikhil Modayur Okay, now this ISN'T epic

  • andrew crespo 7 months ago

    doesnt this feel like an ad with 4 questions?

  • Nikhil Modayur 7 months ago

    Half of those questions are just for the ad. I'd say it's pretty generous to say that there are four legitimate questions in there.

  • neighborhood_weeb 7 months ago

    I did akinator and did you and it asked "is your character teased for their forehead?"