How to Make Pina Colada - Cocktail Recipe

  • Published on:  6/4/2015
  • Here's a simple Pina Colada recipe for you.

    Damian from Liquid Kitty shows us how

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    ---------------------------- Transcript ---------------------------------
    How To Be A Bartender - What Are Pina Coladas?

    Hi, I’m Damian bartender over at Liquid Kitty in West and we’re gonna talk a little about the Pina Coladas day, i’m gonna show you how to do it.

    The Pina Coladas was the or is the traditional drink of Puerto Rico and has been since 1978, the story behind the Pina Coladas is that there is three or four bartenders in Puerto Rico kinda claim or responsibility for, it’s really tough to say who came up with it. There is another story that I like, that in Puerto Rico they used serve a drink with a rum and sugar and coconut water inside of a coconut and back in the 50’s there was coconut cutter strike so the bartender would take a pineapples and make them pineapples the tart kinda sweet pineapple flavor would come out and that’s the Pina Coladas was developed and later they started blending it together and serving it in the pineapple instead of a coconut and the reason I like that story is because the coconut cutters wanted to try strike but somehow pineapple cutters strike won’t out strik. Who knows the story what the story is it’s kinda cute story either way anyway it’s become traditional kind of a tropical drink you get in Hawaii in Puerto Rico or in Caribbean, Mexico or South America, you’ll feel like oh I feel like i’m on the beach, that’s where it came from.

    Here at Liquid Kitty we have variations of just a little slight little twist you’ll see as I make it what we do to make it a little different but starting out is very traditional, so take your blender it’s about the equivalent of the 14 ounce glass of ice, you put that in there, we’ll take our rum and we’ll use our house rum today and it’s about two and half ounces rum or five count and used to be made in coco lopez which you can get in Puerto Rico but we weren’t able to get it this days so we use another Pina Colada mix coconut, it’s just coconut juice, coconut milk we’ll put about an ounce and half and then pineapple juice same thing about half an ounce, so it’s really two parts rum one part coconut, one part pineapple, put the cap on the blender and because the blender is really loud we’ll do this now, this is what separates the Liquid Kitty Pina Colada to regular Pina Colada is we put a splash of Melon Liquid Midori at the bottom so maybe just an ounce at the bottom so it’s a little bit a color there, now we’ll blend our drink. We’ll pour it over the Midori and the blend is you see it displays the midori’s cause it’s nice color all the way through let’s put a large straw in there cherry and an orange and there’s your Liquid Kitty Pina Colada for you enjoying the beach.