12 Most AMAZING Things That Surprisingly Exist!

  • Published on:  5/18/2020
  • From forests that glow in the dark, to recently discovered critters, here are 12 amazing things that actually exist!

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    12. Glowing Forests
    You may have heard of a glowing beach due to bioluminescence, but did you know there are actually glowing forests too? This strange phenomenon can be seen in India and Japan, and must have been the inspiration for the forests of Pandora in the Avatar movie.

    11. The Blackest Black
    Black holes might be the darkest places in the universe, but material scientists on earth have developed something equally as dark. It was created by a team at MIT, and is a black coating that can absorb as much as 99.995 percent of all visible light. It's so effective that if you see an object that has been covered in it, it doesn't even look real, and you can't make out the distinctive shapes or curves of it at all.

    10. Cave Pearls
    Did you know that you could actually find pearls in caves?? Similar to how a pearl is formed inside an oyster, cave pearls form over time inside caves. They are not actual pearls but are also the result of an amazing (and slow) natural process.

    9. The Geneva Free Port
    You might think that art galleries are where the world’s biggest collections of art under top security are held, but there’s a place in Switzerland that holds more pieces than the world’s biggest institutes combined. While the National Gallery in London has around 2 thousand pieces, and the Museum of Modern Art in New York has as many as 200 thousand

    8. Zombie Fungus
    This is amazing, but also extremely creepy. Just letting you know that in advance! There are a lot of different types of fungus, but they don’t usually go around taking over an animal’s mind. This one does! Found in the rainforests of Brazil, Ophiocordyceps u

    7. Bismuth Crystals
    The 83rd element, Bismuth, is a vital component in products such as cosmetics, fires extinguishers, and ammunition, and while it’s a well known substance, it has a few properties you might not be so aware of. It’s one of the ‘post transition’ metals, which means it’s similar to metals like copper and iron, but is much softer, and has an unusually low conductivity of heat or electricity.
    nilateralis, also known as the zombie-ant fungus, will stop at nothing to infect a carpenter ant.

    6. White Peacock
    Peacocks are famous for their dramatic and colorful tail feathers. But occasionally perhaps an even more spectacular bird appears, the all white peacock.
    It is a type of domesticated Indian peafowl, the blue species, but born white due to a genetic mutation. They are not technically albino, but leucistic, because they retain their blue eyes and colored skin.

    5. Living Rocks
    Normally when you walk along the beach you'll see countless uninteresting rocks, but along the coasts of Chile and Peru, things aren't always necessarily as they seem. Some of the rocks there split open and reveal a blood-red creature… something that's known locally as Piure.

    4. Alien Abduction Insurance
    You never quite know what life’s going to throw at you, and insurance companies offer a range of products to help you cover any future costs you might incur. Whether it be for healthcare, your car, or your house, there’s a policy that can give you peace of mind… but what if you’re really worried about something really extreme happening to you? Well, it turns out there’s a policy for that too.

    3. The Palmaris Longus Muscle
    When we learn about anatomy, we're shown the different muscles and structures of the human body, but amazingly, not everyone has everything. Our bodies have several redundant parts that were once useful, like the appendix, but aren't anymore… and some people simply don’t have them.

    2. Cute Spiders
    There's no denying that spiders are some of the most feared creatures in the world. It's not because they're particularly dangerous, in fact, most of them are completely harmless, but there's something about the way they look that gives people the creeps.

    1. Aerogel
    The first Aerogel was created by Samuel Stephens Kistler in 1931, and since then has become an important material in a range of industries… including NASA! Without aerogel they would have had a tough time designing technology for space in such an effective way.