Here's What A $5500 Smartphone Looks Like...



  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  13 days ago+1788

    if you were a super hero / villain who would you be?

  • Khadesh Singh
    Khadesh Singh 8 hours ago

    Got Wood?

  • Khadesh Singh
    Khadesh Singh 8 hours ago

    So this is what 28 redmi note 7's looks like

  • Geek Time
    Geek Time 16 hours ago

    Waste of money

  • Jacob Duran
    Jacob Duran 18 hours ago

    it just looks like a cheap walmart case

  • Dez Adams
    Dez Adams yesterday

    Really sad that I have to unsubscribe due to the drastic change in content over the years. Leave the smartphones and stuff to MKBHD. He already does it better.

  • Matthew Metheny
    Matthew Metheny yesterday

    Kingpen is the gangsta in the drug lord land 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Cobalt YT
    Cobalt YT yesterday

    Even unboxing videos aren't safe from the "Oh yeah yeah" plague

  • ramblinero9
    ramblinero9 yesterday

    $5500 for a useless Animoji Android-looking iClone?!!! Hmm...let’s go through a checklist:
    1) Does it have the sleek classic square/slab iconic Apple design a la iPhone SE or iPhone 5s? No. It looks like any other Android phone.
    2) Does it have 2 connectors at the bottom, one for charging and one for wired headphones? No, you spend 5G’s to get DONGLED by down the tubes Apple!
    3) Does it have dual physical sims, so that, you know, have a ph# for business and another for personal or travel? No! Apple still hasn’t figured that one out yet.
    4) can you access your phone discreetly at a business meeting with your fingerprint without having to punch in your code? No! Your assed out...and you have to make like your taking a stupid selfie just to unlock your phone!
    What do you get for an extra 5G’s? Let me guess...better Animojis?!!!
    Apple: give us a redesigned phone that works, that looks like an Apple phone (slab industrial design), that’s practical (3.5mm jack AND USB-C with Dual Physical Sims). Call it the...
    iPhone SE-XI (for eleven).
    Now DAAAMMM!!! iPhone SE-XI...would be one frikkin’ SEXI phone!!!
    Wouldn’t you agree!

  • Mac Fox
    Mac Fox 2 days ago

    What a wonderful devise.

  • Paspa1801
    Paspa1801 2 days ago

    “You can call them ANYTIME” *card says call centre is open 9-5*

  • Tahir Khan
    Tahir Khan 2 days ago

    Did you like wood smell or u like the wood

  • Peter Arnold
    Peter Arnold 2 days ago

    If you had the extra money to spend, then why not. This phone looks pretty mean. You would be one of a kind, and attract attention as you walk down the street.
    On a side note, it's good to see Willy Do making cameo appearances in these unboxing videos, now that he's happy enough to be on camera in your Tech News videos.

  • Luca
    Luca 2 days ago+1

    5500 bucks still no fast change, apple being apple

    1M Likes 3 days ago+1

    Total waste of money 👎

  • Husnain Abdulah
    Husnain Abdulah 3 days ago

    Pablo Escobar

  • G Coy
    G Coy 3 days ago

    Looks like mental illness

  • Eclectic Jon 101
    Eclectic Jon 101 3 days ago

    Looks like the kind of case à 13 year old would use. I'd be embarrassed to be seen with it.

  • Ahmed Moallim Hashi Mohamed

    Still you haven't mentioned its specifications.

  • u aa
    u aa 3 days ago

    Now..jack have a leg...i tot jack is a camera....🤨