Here's What A $5500 Smartphone Looks Like...



  • Unbox Therapy 5 months ago

    if you were a super hero / villain who would you be?

  • Fluzzio ! 6 days ago

    Stephen carl

  • Hisham Abdul Hadi 10 days ago

    A villain but I fart unicorns that poop more unicorns

  • Alphon 5 months ago

    *so its an iphone with a skull on the back*

  • Veldin Buljubasic 16 days ago

    @Darryl Lowe iPhone is a fucking piece of shit

  • Ishu Garu 17 days ago

    Alphon Hilarious 😂

  • s soni 5 months ago

    He is smelling wood like a drug addict

  • FREE FIRE GAMER!!! 2 months ago

    Lol your rigth

  • Anthony Primm 4 months ago

    Thought I was the only one that saw that....

  • funny clips 5 months ago

    so it's a $4500 iphone skin.Nice way to separate dumb people from their money.

  • Lucky 9 days ago

    funny clips well that is the same as apple is doing

  • NitroVexPlays 19 days ago

    @Midd Knight The main problem is the Attention to Distraction.

  • Brayden Barrett 5 months ago

    Wood: Literally grows on treesCarbon fiber: $50New wallpaper: $5,450

  • avishek ghatak 1 months ago

    pxul bip shit ditch toy.

  • @pxul iPhone x sucks

  • GS Parihar 2 months ago

    He spent half the time talking about comic characters

  • Za ii 15 days ago

    I was looking for this comment 🤣😂

  • WAZAAAken Wazaaa 1 months ago

    Because theres nothing new to this phone...😂

  • Trygve Evensen 5 months ago

    So, for $5600 they didn't even bother including a fast charger...

  • Joe ZX 2 months ago

    Typical apple

  • Madhu Sarda 5 months ago

    Inspired by apple inc.

  • Mahi Abrar Amer 5 months ago

    Man, they sure did pay you extra on this one... You tried real hard justifying the price

  • Aron Estabillo 5 months ago

    Agree. I would say to myself "what?!" the moment I saw the skull at the back. Like what and why?

  • Zilean 5 months ago

    Tought the same thing!

  • vDaBest 5 months ago

    I finally got airpods!!All i need now is an iPhone

  • Falcon 16 days ago


  • Kingslayer7 2 months ago

    Good job m8 👌😂

  • Morris McGee 24 days ago

    Did you come to review a phone or talk about comics

  • Inner chains 18 days ago

    There's nothing to review just a normal iPhone