Tokyo Bon | Complete Countryhumans MAP

  • Published on:  7/28/2020
  • BIG THANKS to Le Wommy! Without them this map would've probably been cancelled😔👌💖

    ⚠️This animation is not history related and is NOT meant to offend anyone⚠️

    For the map, Japan invites South Korea over to her country to show him around. The thing is... South is completely lost and doesn't know anything that's happening, so Japan tries to help him out.
    (This ISN'T a shipping map, but I allowed the animators to ship them if they wanted to)

    Thank you all who participated. Please consider giving each animator love and support! ♡

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    Song by Namewee:


    Thumbnail: Le Wommy
    Intro: Mythical Anime
    1: French Zealand
    2: Le wommy
    3: French Zealand
    4: Le wommy
    5: Martin D'albo
    6: Hamsim
    7: Bendystudios Animation
    8: Martin D'albo
    9: MuchTea
    10: AlishaAzzahra Official
    11: Smol Mykk
    12: Smol Mykk
    13: Alya Salvation
    14: Šhinni Nene
    15: Yelling303
    16: Yelling303
    17: Mythical Anime
    18: Šhinni Nene
    19: Alazy
    20: Alazy
    21: Spicy Smoothie
    22: Spicy Smoothie

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