Bernie's Revolution Is TERRIFYING The Establishment

  • Published on:  1/7/2019
  • The establishment is doing everything they can to stop Bernie Sanders from running in 2020. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. JOIN TYT:

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    "Bernie Sanders should not run for president. In fact, we beg him not to.

    That is an unfavorable opinion, especially among most Vermonters and progressives who support the platform that has come to define him. But at this point, there are more things about another Sanders run at the White House that concern us than excite us.

    In this space, we have repeatedly hit the senator on where his loyalties lay: Vermont or a bigger calling? We have asked him to make a choice, which he would argue was his recent re-election to Congress. But in his previous run for the presidency, Sanders, an independent who ran for the White House as a Democrat, missed dozens of votes that likely would have helped Vermonters. And, while he handily defeated his challenger, can Vermonters point to Sanders’ record and say definitively, “This is what he’s done for us?”

    Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

    Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  • The Young Turks
    The Young Turks  16 days ago+14

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  • jose gonzales
    jose gonzales yesterday

    Bernie fans understand the corporate party that runs the establishment dems speak about policy they never plan to implement. Bernie plans to implement them.

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a 2 days ago+1

    the fires from 2016 are still BERNing. in fact, the trump presidency has fanned the flames...

  • Topher Dalrymple
    Topher Dalrymple 2 days ago

    That's called revolutionary, not revolution. In revolution you either win or you die. I think everyone should back Bernie

  • LouisFGraham
    LouisFGraham 3 days ago

    The argument is made for bernie because he's not a democrat. He's an outsider seeking to wreak havoc on the party.

  • LouisFGraham
    LouisFGraham 3 days ago+1

    Lol he doesnt even have the support of those who know him best. He should just retire already and sit his old ass down along with biden, Hillary, nancy, Feinstein etc

  • think about it
    think about it 3 days ago

    Yes mami, that's what they do. Discourage the candidates to run. These people are evil and do jot needs to be in our government. Those who talk like this needs to be rooted out and singled out and voted out. We need change and replacing those that discourage candidates out, cause this means they want to keep status quo. Take NAMES AND KICK ASS.

  • Derick Chafton
    Derick Chafton 3 days ago

    Only after they return the emperor to his rightful throne in China, will people know freedom again.

  • think about it
    think about it 3 days ago+1

    Yes, and this let's you know that these people are doing undermining motive by demonizing Bernie. Plus they use their words as if it's the final word. No, if we want Bernie Sanders to run, he should be running. Their scared he will win. This how trump dumb ass became president. Because of hillary evil ass ways, railroading Bernie, trump became president. Nobody wants crooked hillary and her cronies that be killing gay black boys. Democrats want to stay like this blind racist person that don't want change. Democrats have milked the urban communities long enough, It's time for change.

  • Susan Bennett
    Susan Bennett 3 days ago

    I would love to see Bernie as our President, but I fear in some ways because of what happened last time. If he's nominated in the primary he has my vote.

  • Mikayla Smith
    Mikayla Smith 4 days ago+1

    The only reason I’m iffy about Bernie is because if he doesn’t win the primaries his followers are gonna vote independent and trump is gonna win again

  • Billy O'really
    Billy O'really 4 days ago+1

    We already know the Democrats don't believe in democracy and will rig the election and put whoever they want as the nominee. Russia isn't how we got Trump. Clinton and the DNC cheating Sanders in the primary is how we got Trump.

  • stillwill2215
    stillwill2215 5 days ago

    My dream ticket: Bernie & Liz "2020"/ Liz & Bernie "2020". They actually care about the people of the United States, ALL the people.

  • Relax Music
    Relax Music 7 days ago

    that newspaper got paid by DNC lobbyists

  • Trap Addict
    Trap Addict 7 days ago

    I agree but you guys should try to stay composed and not get too crazy

  • Trap Addict
    Trap Addict 7 days ago+3

    *BERNIE 2020*

  • Troy Turton
    Troy Turton 8 days ago+1

    Everyone else who is running, other then Tulsi. Are nothing but Obama/Hillary & DNC Puppets. The people who actually lost over 1000 seats & Dozens of judge seats.

  • Troy Turton
    Troy Turton 8 days ago

    Bernie isn't the president ( Obama was ) that lost over 1000 seats in his 8 years. And he also wasn't the president, that made us LOSE dozens of judges in the courts. That was Obama again! But Bernie shouldn't run?

  • Troy Turton
    Troy Turton 8 days ago

    So, it's perfectly OK that Obama the DNC & Hillary KILLED the Democratic party? But Not OK if Bernie Hurts it? You cant HURT a DEAD Party! And Centrist Democrats KILLED IT!

  • tod jones
    tod jones 8 days ago

    Sanders is likely an old white Obama. Caved into the Clinton machine so will cave into the Goldman Sacks and Military power structure.