Jenny Jordan Frogley - His Hands

  • Published on:  6/23/2011
  • His hands, tools of creation
    Stronger than nations
    Power without end
    And yet through them
    We find our truest friend

    His hands, sermons of kindness
    Healing men's blindness
    Halting years of pain
    Children waiting to be held again

    (Chorus) His hands would serve His whole life through
    Showing men what hands might do
    Giving, ever giving endlessly
    Each day was filled with selflessness
    And I'll not rest
    Till I make of my hands what they could be
    Till these hands become like those from Galilee

    His hands lifting a leper, warming a beggar
    Calling back the dead
    Breaking bread, five thousand fed
    His hands, hushing contention
    Pointing to heaven
    Ever free of sin
    Then bidding man to follow Him


    His hands clasp in agony
    As He lay pleading, bleeding in the garden
    While just moments away
    Other hands betray Him out of greed
    Shameful greed
    And then His hands are trembling
    Straining to carry
    T The beam that they'd be nailed to
    As he stumbles through the streets
    Heading for the hill on which He'd die
    He would die
    They take His hands
    His mighty hands, those gentle hands
    And then they pierce them, they pierce them
    He lets them because of love

    From birth to death was selflessness
    And clearly now I see Him with His hands
    Calling to me
    And though I'm not yet as I would be
    He has shown me how I could be
    I will make my hands
    Like those from Galilee