Potato Chips Home Made - 6 Flavors - Mint -Tangy - Sweet - Garlic Chilli - Crispy Aloo Chips

  • Published on:  7/18/2019
  • Starchy Potatoes are white Inside and Waxy ones slightly Yellow
    Potatoes - 1 Kg
    Oil - For Deep Fry
    Salt - As Required.

    Firstly peel the chips potatoes and slice them into thin pieces then deep fry them in hot oil and add salt as shown in the video.Fry them till they are nice and crunchy and keep aside.
    Salt n Spicy Chips: take chips in a bowl and add some chilli powder and salt. Toss it well so that entire chips get coated with it.
    Garlic Potato Chips : slice the garlic into thin slices and dry roast it and add some chilli powder and grind it into fine powder and add it to the chips and toss it nicely.
    Mint Potato Chips: take mint leaves and dehydrate them and grind it into fine powder by adding sugar and salt to it.
    Curry Leaves Chips:-Add finely chopped coriander,cumin powder and toss it with the potato chips.
    Sweet Spice Chips:-Take a blender add cinnamon,cardamom,fennel & some jeera grind it into fine powder and sprinkle this powder on the chips and toss it gently.
    Chaat Masala Chips : In a bowl add some chips,chaat masala and some rock salt and toss it gently.

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