VERY Dangerous Catch n Cook. We ate its Heart. Do not attempt

  • Published on:  2/23/2018
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    Jun (More Than Fishing) and I went out to a very dangerous spot to fish for rockfish, cabezon and lingcod. He has never caught a lingcod yet so that was the goal... Visit his channel to see how video. Today I used some 3 to 4 inch Keitech swimbaits and got a very nice fish. Missed another big fish, then we proceeded to cook out catch. Nothing better than a simple recipe with butter, salt and pepper to end a long day of fishing.

    Jun's Channel, More Than Fishing:

    TJ and Jan's Channel:

    Keitech Swimbait used:
    Swimbait in Black and Blue:
    Reel in 5000 Size:
    Braided Line, 30lb:

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