• Published on:  1/10/2019
  • Shouts to CinemaSins for the inspiration: https://www.201tube.com/video/GNNAG/video.html
    Every time I played the MyCareer story I was skipping the cutscenes to get to the enjoyable part of the game. Well.. this time I actually sat down to watch em...

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  • Zlaps Baon
    Zlaps Baon an hour ago+1

    What’s wrong with pure shot creator that are 6”3

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 2 hours ago

    Wtf, why is agent hating on a game that was better than the game before,😂😂😂

  • Kenneth Cox
    Kenneth Cox 6 hours ago

    Lml you a clown ... so basically don’t be Antoine walker 😂😂😂 I realized even with playing the prelude I skipped alotta shit

  • Hazy Bear
    Hazy Bear 7 hours ago

    They spend more money on signing some moron who is the flavor of the month then better gameplay and or animation. Sports sucks they care nothing for fans that's why they charge kids for their chicken scratch penmanship. No education cause schools give passing grade's as long as they help win the game....none of them would get hired for Wal-Mart greeter....an people just kneel down an spread the cheeks an suck it dry. As military vets have to wait years to be seen for anything.

  • VIII Elstaroth PaganGrinder VIII

    First thing wrong?? Too many blacks.

  • Kesean Jones
    Kesean Jones 18 hours ago

    You said jump at the defender it’s supposed be jump at the shooter 1 sin

  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder 19 hours ago

    lol you still play 2k19? I left when 2k18 dropped

  • hoonigan skill
    hoonigan skill yesterday

    Agent 00 my career player hairline is f#cked

  • ImJigga
    ImJigga yesterday

    163 stretch bigs 164 shot contest system

  • Savage Squirrel
    Savage Squirrel 2 days ago

    If this video is "supposed to be" under 13 mins why tf is this video 13 mins long and 37 seconds.... 😂

    GGGLOW 2 days ago

    I'm starting to think agent is just bad st the game

    NAK3DxSNAKE 2 days ago

    Lol this shits real? Hahahahaha. Almost so bad it will be collectible.

  • three
    three 3 days ago

    cory harris😂

  • B J
    B J 3 days ago

    For the record I don’t know about the rest of Indiana but in Indianapolis we don’t call mixtapes a sizzle reel. Chill bro 😂😂😂

  • Beagle 2k
    Beagle 2k 3 days ago

    1:45 jsut
    Now that’s a sin

  • prxz
    prxz 4 days ago

    these aren’t things that are wrong,these are just things that agent don’t like

  • Future Skeppy
    Future Skeppy 5 days ago

    Do you just make hate videos now

  • Garrion guthrie
    Garrion guthrie 5 days ago

    Agent be watching too much Anime Sins

  • Emmanuel Medina
    Emmanuel Medina 5 days ago+1

    The greatest 2k ever by far

  • Nhia89
    Nhia89 5 days ago

    Hey Tai Mai Shu is an actual rapper