• Published on:  4/14/2019
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  • theMeatly 3 months ago

    The time has come! :) The Little Devil Darlin' is back to cause more trouble. :D

  • Janet fenili an hour ago

    *sr pelo gasp*

  • Eriggaming302 5 days ago

    Hi I’m from the future

  • Couch Potato 2 months ago

    Shhhh.....if you are quiet, you can hear it.....Listen.....(Hello Internet! Welcome to Game Theory!) There! Did you hear it?

  • Jennifer Wilt 16 days ago

    @King of Gold ninjas What? Also I don't think r/what is a thing.

  • bartekkluk 2 months ago

    Meatly: reveals title of the new game.Me: “Dreams come true..."

  • Meatly:cancels the gameYou:"not all Dreames come true"

  • SpiderTimGaming YT 2 months ago

    Henry after beating Bendy in chapter 5: finally it's over...TheMeatly: *reveals Bendy and the Dark Revival*Henry: Hello darkness my old friend

  • You have the same mask as mine twins lol

  • RedBlooded Slayer86 17 days ago

    SpiderTimGaming YT also henry:aw ink,here we go again.

  • IsaBella B. 2 months ago

    studio mdhr: *cuphead on switch*joeydrewstudios: hold my bacon soup

  • IsaBella B. 10 days ago

    War of the century

  • IsaBella B. 10 days ago

    And now Studio MDHR is fighting backwith the cartoon

  • Rotten Raspberry 3 months ago

    **walks back in studio**Ah shit, here we go again

  • Ha nooooooice

  • Stephen Byrne 1 months ago

    He's back. In our lifetime he's back.

  • Pr0 YT 1 months ago

    I thought this was going to be calledSoup simulator

  • hi my name is evee 17 days ago


  • "Bendy and the Dark Revival"(2019-2020) BatDR, Ch1-Ch5Chapter ONE: TBA (00.00.2019)Chapter TWO: TBA (00.00.2019)Chapter THREE: TBA (00.00.2020)Chapter FOUR: TBA (00.00.2020)Chapter FIVE: TBA (00.00.2020) THE END

  • TouriRBLX 20 days ago

    @Mackenzi McLaughlin no it's He is saw Paper is kinda fake,but it's Fall as Bendy 2 begins

  • Dc2 Fazbear's Studio 2 months ago

    So this is not a sequel or a prequel.. then what is this?A sidestory?A Story of the butcher gang?New characters?Is sammy still awsome?

  • Stephen Byrne 24 days ago

    @Super Space Box That's 3 things.

  • Super Space Box 24 days ago

    It could be 2 things based on a video from game theory, it could be an alternate universe or a side story.

  • EllipirPipple 2 months ago

    Matpat I choose you!!Matpat use Theory!!Matpat used theory!!It is very effective!!!Matpat revels: HE WAS ONCE HUMAN NOW POKÉMON???