Jaguars vs. Cowboys Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2018



  • Jerry Jones: We need a #1 wide receiverCole Beasley: All you had to do was ask

  • *Cooper trade*

  • Jared Bogart 9 months ago

    Beasley has always been clutch. Yall just blind. We need 1 more receiver though i think. We would go to packers/patriots status offense i think. It would take alot of attention off of Elliott which would be a very dangerous thing.

  • Bloody Persistent 9 months ago

    When the Jags were dancing around in the endzone after their only score. Lol. It’s like, chill dude. You’ve been getting killed all game.

  • Ryan Campbell a months ago

    Cowgirls have one four playoff games since the 90s.... Think about that.... This is an eagles fan

  • B RODS 9 months ago

    Congrats to Dallas and their fans. You guys whopped us good. Have a good season.

  • Vanette Sanchez 7 months ago

    B RODS thanks

  • Lg BeastnSoccer 8 months ago

    B RODS u too and thx

  • Leave it to Blake to throw the ball when the receiver is covered by three guys.

  • First Name Last Name 2 months ago

    @J Dolo No, Blake has always been the problem that's why he is with the rams as a backup. WRs dropping passes, do you mean the uncatchable passes from Bortles? Cause Donte Moncrief led the league in uncatchable targets with 27, that means at most, from film, could of gotten 10 TDs from those and minimum 4, but in reality should of had 7.

  • Jermaine Nixon that’s Jacksonville’s fault, you payed a center and a offensive guard all that money and your QB is getting hit.

  • TraumaCenter13 9 months ago

    Skip Bayless will jack off to this video.

  • Roger Williams II 9 months ago

    No doubt

  • Dave Brown 9 months ago


  • Xan Frank 9 months ago

    Shannon Sharpe tomorrow: “I wasn’t impressed...”

  • Lost Timing 2 months ago

    @6ix9ine’s Attorney hahaha

  • First Name Last Name 2 months ago

    @Anthony Perez You were right, they didn't even do good after that until they got Amari Cooper

  • lil3ric88 9 months ago

    Lol where the hell has this offense been all year? This is the type of cowboys team that I liked and remember seeing from 2016... I miss that team. Play calling wasn’t predictable for once... still want Garret out of here but great win, I thought we were going to get shutdown tbh. Let’s get it boys

  • lil3ric88 9 months ago

    Joe Dirté true

  • lil3ric88 9 months ago

    DKLONGHORN yes let’s keep it rolling!

  • Daniel Lambrisky 9 months ago

    So no one gonna explain the Dak Prescott pitch to himself 😂

  • Leroy Stokes 14 days ago

    A forward fumble cannot be advanced by any other player of the same team. If another player on the same team recovers the ball, it is dead at the spot of recovery. However, if the fumbling player recovers his fumble, he is allowed to advance it.

  • Aaron Johnson 7 months ago

    lmao fr.

  • dark matter 9 months ago

    Conor McGregor was a better quarterback than Blake bottles 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Justin R 9 months ago

    Nah they play the same. Both choked.

  • dark matter 9 months ago

    @Kyng Kenny you mad bro😂 but thanks I miss that

  • David J 9 months ago

    Cole Beasley's feet are HOT!!!🔥🔥🔥. It must be the SAUCE!!!!😄😄😄

  • Rick Harris 9 months ago

    You right bro #COWBOYS*NATION Baby!!!!!

  • cour1988 9 months ago

    You wanna drink some of that sauce.Ok sorry that was too far.