Famous Celebrity Arrests: Snooki, Ronnie, Brad Womack, Khloe Kardashian, Chace Crawford

  • Published on:  6/9/2011
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    How's it going, Jersey Shore fans? I'm Jager Weatherby with Wetpaint Entertainment, and I'm here to talk about Seaside Heights' favorite little law-breaker — Snooki. The show has been filming in Florence, Italy, for less than a month, and she's already found herself in heaps of hot water. A few days ago, the pint-size guidette had a run-in with the law — literally — when the car she was driving smashed into her police escort.

    In honor of Snook's recent legal woes, we thought we'd reminisce about some of our other favorite famous felons — beginning with Snooki's co-star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

    Now, every hardcore Jersey Shore fan knows that saying "Ronnie has anger-management issues" is almost as big of an understatement as "Snooki should lay off the sauce." So it should surprise no one that the Bronx-born hothead was arrested for a very public brawl during filming for Season 1. What's more, the MTV bad-boy was hauled downtown last summer for a string of unpaid parking tickets. Let's hope Ronnie learned his lesson — especially considering the fact that this summer the Jersey Shore gang has already racked up nearly $400 in driving violations in Florence. Oh, and a little piece of advice for Ronnie and Snooki — help make the roads a safer place and just hire some goddamn drivers already! It's not like you guys can't afford it.

    Fans of The Bachelor might be shocked to learn that leading man Brad Womack has broken almost as many laws as he has hearts. Back in 1993, Womack, who, at the time was going by the slightly less sexy name of Brad Pickelsimer, was thrown in the clink for forging a driver's license and bouncing some sketchy checks... as well as Snooki-style public drunkenness. Brad confronted his criminal past earlier this year, claiming that those youthful foibles "ultimately build character." Now we love us some Brad Womack, don't get us wrong! But for someone with as much personality as a cardboard cutout (at least on-screen), he doesn't appear to have built a whole lotta character...

    Now she may be famous for her last name, but Khloe Kardashian found true infamy when she was arrested back in 2007 for driving under the influence. And really, in the entire sordid history of Hollywood arrests, has anyone ever mugged for the camera in a mugshot as much as our girl Khloe?

    The Khloe & Lamar star isn't the only Wetpaint favorite to serve time for their hard-partying ways. Last June, Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford was busted for pot possession down in Plano, Texas. Guess somebody took his "smoking hot" sex-symbol status just a little too far. And we hate to say it, but man! — if someone can pull off an orange prisoner's jumpsuit, it's Chace Crawford. Am I right?

    Well I'm afraid that's all the time we have for now. Since we only managed to cover a handful of celeb renegades, why don't you head over to http://www.wetpaint.com/jersey-shore to sound off on your favorite Hollywood arrests. And for more news, gossip, and exclusives on Gossip Girl, Khloe & Lamar, The Bachelor, or any of our other shows, log on to Wetpaint.com. See you next time!