• Published on:  9/17/2018
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  • Faith Gilbert
    Faith Gilbert 10 minutes ago

    oh and one more thing that is so sad that your grandma died im not talking to alex or zach you know my great great grat grat grandma died but god bles yall but if yall grandma died unless you get to see your grandmma,s or granddad ,s when you go up the sky thank you

  • Faith Gilbert
    Faith Gilbert 19 minutes ago

    im crying zach is so mean but im a fan but zach if you see this alex was just trying to cheer you up im not being mean but just saying love you alex and zach god bless you

  • Virgi Alba
    Virgi Alba an hour ago

    sa soro

  • Slime squishies and satisfying things Jones

    You kinda sound like Ariana Grande when she played Cat in San and Cat

  • Coco D
    Coco D 5 hours ago

    Break up whit him and then make him jelus

  • fransisco Demetrius
    fransisco Demetrius 16 hours ago

    And my name is yoselin

  • fransisco Demetrius
    fransisco Demetrius 16 hours ago

    You should try to make him jealous if he is checking on you

  • mirtha mendoza
    mirtha mendoza 18 hours ago

    Your my fan

  • Tyra Clemons
    Tyra Clemons 20 hours ago

    You you can change your name to alexis
    For he don't break up with you it will be good and put some Angel fairy wings on and change your outfit but if you like that shirt you can keep it on and just put other skirt

  • Ronalyn Bacsal
    Ronalyn Bacsal 23 hours ago

    Zack jealous hahaha

  • carmen morales
    carmen morales 23 hours ago

    Yes yes yes yes end yes

  • أمينة بيدو

    Haha i dont like your vidio🤔🤔

  • Cesca Luna
    Cesca Luna yesterday

    You should kiss him

  • filipina empederado

    Omg gush hahahhahaha so funny

  • Shainaa Aggarwal
    Shainaa Aggarwal yesterday

    You can dress up as someone else and call him into a room and talk about it and at the end you can tell him it was you the whole time????????????

  • Rosa Mendoza
    Rosa Mendoza yesterday

    I love your vids

  • Lisa Kim
    Lisa Kim yesterday

    You can go on an dat👱🏻‍♀️

  • Vieja Del barrio
    Vieja Del barrio yesterday

    Dove is so funny

  • carolynd82
    carolynd82 yesterday

    Maybe write Zach a letter and give it to him

  • Gayla Hawk
    Gayla Hawk yesterday

    Let him be stubbern