Flush Force Surprise Monsters Collectable Opening Fun With Ckn Toys

  • Published on:  2/9/2018
  • This video is sponsored by Spin Master
    Flush Force toys https://goo.gl/AwCqWj

    Hi guys, today we are opening these new Flush Force mutant monsters surprises by Spin Master.
    These are the most exciting surprises we have ever played with.
    When toxic sludge oozes into the sewer system, you never know what's going to crawl up your toilet to surprise you!

    You start by filling the toilet tank with water, then put the lid on and shake to reveal your putrid Flushies! If the water turns green it means you'll get a rare flushie and if the water turns purple it means you'll get a super rare.

    With mutants like these, they may even try to splash you back! Just wipe yourself off, check out the amazing water reveal and peel the toilet cover away to say "hello" to your filthy friend! With 150 foul characters to collect so you will never know who you will get.

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