Top 10 CRAZIEST Airplanes For The Future!

  • Published on:  4/6/2020
  • Hi, it’s Katrina! From environmentally friendly air taxis that will cut our travel time in half, to prototypes of floating cruise ships with swimming pools, here are 10 amazing prototypes and futuristic jets of tomorrow!

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    10. Aerion AS2
    A joint endeavor between Boeing and the Texas-based start-up Aerion, seeks to develop the AS2, a 12-passenger supersonic business jet that will enable corporate bigwigs to cut their trans-Atlantic crossing time by three hours.

    9. Flying-V
    Dutch national airline KLM is collaborating with Delft University of Technology to design the prototype for a fuel-efficient long-distance commercial aircraft. Justus Benad, a former student at the Technical University of Berlin, thought up the idea for the “Flying-V.”

    8. Spike S-512
    The Spike Aerospace S-512 Supersonic Business Jet is slated to be the world’s first supersonic private jet, and it promises big things. At a cruising speed of Mach 1.6, or around 1,100 miles per hour (1,770 km/hr), the 12-18 passenger aircraft will transport riders from New York to London in under four hours.

    7. Airship Cruise Liner
    In 2017, a concept image of a flying cruise ship appeared on Reddit, causing many to wonder “What if?” The picture shows a blimp-like aircraft with a glass roof and a pool underneath, surrounded by guests. Internet users became enamored with the idea and gave the space-age plane nicknames like the “Skytanic” and “Flytanic.”

    6. Stratolaunch
    Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen founded Stratolaunch Systems Corporation, which built the world’s largest all-composite aircraft, the Stratolaunch. The twin-fuselage plane has a 385-foot (117 meters) wingspan, which is longer than a football field, and six jet engines. According to its website, the Stratolaunch was designed as a mobile launch platform for “airline-style access to space that is convenient, affordable, and routine.”

    5. MAVERIC
    If you ask Airbus, the future of passenger aircraft lies in the company’s Model Aircraft for Validation and Experimentation of Robust Innovate Controls, or MAVERIC, project. The European aircraft manufacturer revealed a model of the ultramodern jet it hopes to eventually create in February at the Singapore Airshow 2020.

    4. The World’s First Air Taxi
    In our ever-advancing world, the idea of urban transportation through flight isn’t entirely unrealistic, and it may not be too far into the future. Daniel Wiegand is the founder of Lilium, a secretive start-up devoted to creating an all-electric plane for transporting passengers over cities.

    3. Boom Overture
    In late 2016, billionaire and Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson unveiled the XB-1, a half-sized prototype for a supersonic 40-passenger jet that will travel between New York City and London in just three hours and 15 minutes.

    2. Progress Eagle
    In 2015, designer and aviation enthusiast Oscar Vinals released his conceptual design for the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle, a zero-emission, tri-level aircraft that would hold as many as 800 passengers. The plane will be powered by six hydrogen engines. The eco-friendly contraption’s rear engine would also function as a wind turbine, and its roof and wings would contain solar panels.

    1. Link & Fly
    In 2018, the Paris-based global engineering and research and development firm AKKA Group presented a prototype of its “Link & Fly” aircraft at the Paris Air Show. The “Link & Fly” concept surpasses the idea of an aerial taxi and instead takes air travel to the next level. It’s a subway in the sky!