kermit stepped in oil paint

  • Published on:  9/13/2018
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  • Kelly Louise Killjoy 9 months ago

    Steps in oil paint. Gets foot wash, massage and attention. Is spa day.

  • Chase Grivna 7 hours ago

    Lynxie yeah wtf

  • Lynxie 5 days ago

    Do you just have a seizure?

  • Carmen Austins 8 months ago

    Kermit; Stepped in paint, fell in the pool, stepped on a bee, hurt his knee... 2018 was not a good year for cermets

  • Lynxie 5 days ago

    Mason 01 *cermets

  • Pony Blues 5 days ago

    That doesn’t help your cermet grow

  • molly sullivan 8 months ago

    “no mistakes, just happy accidents” -bob ross

  • k 19 days ago

    @Yo Girl Celery i just thought it was sorta funny. im gonna start making puns otherwise

  • k 19 days ago

    @H03 Gaster no he is not

  • Alexis P 8 months ago

    “Our cat named Kermit” 😂

  • Lotte Pieters 3 months ago

    @FELA graag gedaan!😂

  • 2 spoons of sugar 3 months ago

    @FELA ur a damn cockroatch... :( Why bein so mean about the profile picture.

  • Jay Moon 6 months ago

    Jenna seems like genuinely concerned about the fact that Cermit has oil paint in his paw and that’s the funniest and cutest goddamn thing I’ve ever seen

  • Cobalt 4 days ago

    High-quality oil paints often contain heavy metals as colorants (like cadmium). Source: 1 semester of oil painting

  • Lynxie 5 days ago

    Liv Elholm *Cermit

  • Anon1993 9 months ago

    He kermitted a crime.

  • exlipse_exe 5 days ago

    Oh god- 😂

  • Tori Jaedyn 1 months ago

    What a funnie joke ha ha haaaa

  • HaveACookie 8 months ago

    Kermit is a new species now: The Italian Orangehound.

  • bumblebea 1 months ago

    Cassy Poston lmfaoooo

  • Cassy Poston 1 months ago

    You mean Italian orangehand

  • Sarah North 7 months ago

    Kermit is literally a child. Needs constant attention, gets messy, and wants anything his siblings have. Kermit is literally the only child I like (mainly because he's a dog).

  • R B yesterday

    Same 😂

  • THE EVERYTHING 3 months ago

    Lol me 😆

  • Bert 7 months ago

    Plot twist: Kermit stepped in the paint on purpose so he’d be babied and get all the attention

  • am shooketh 5 days ago

    is that even a plot twist?

  • Toast Face 3 months ago

    Ceramic always wants attention

  • nicole 7 months ago

    instead of writing my paper, I spent 9 minutes watching two people lecture a cermit for stepping in oil paint and i don't regret a a second

  • AbbyGirl 8 17 days ago

    nicole um it’s actually a cement

  • bumblebea 1 months ago

    Alana Benitez yeah we need to know