My AMG GT R is Getting Bigger RENNtech Turbos!

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • It's time for more upgrades to my AMG GT R! The car returns to RENNtech to go now to the stage 2 R760 package with the installation of new turbos onto the V8. Having run the car with the stage 1, this will take it up to almost 200hp and 100nm above standard - this will be quite the Autobahn destroyer!

    6 months ago I visited RENNtech Europe to carry out the first installation including the downpipe, ECU tune and blow off valve, and for stage two now it's a revisit for the new turbos to be fitted along with a new tune to bring the power to 760hp and 800nm or so with the R760 package from the stock 585hp and 700nm.

    Additionally, it is also now time to remove the Gumball 3000 livery and logos, as well as the country camo design that we had on the car and return it back to the full Solar Dub Yellow as intended and how it will stay going forwards.

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    Thanks for watching, Tim