• Published on:  1/5/2018
  • T Rice Pro:
    Skate Banana:
    Box Knife:
    GNU Head Space:
    Skunk Ape:
    GNU Mullair:
    Mayhem Rocket:
    GNU Spam:
    Ejack Knife:

    In this video I'm in Comor Whistler with Andreas and he's going to tell me whether or not I bought the right snowboard. I purchased the T Rice Pro snowboard by Lib Tech because of its versatility to ride all mountain from carving, to tricks and powder. Andreas is going to take us through other snowboards in the Lib Tech and GNU lines to see if I made the right choice. First we go through a set of park snowboarders from the Lib Tech Skate Banana to the Box Knife and GNU Head space. These snowboard are more park specific with a twin shape and small profile to excel with tricks. Next we look at some all mountain boards like the Skunk ape, TRS, Ejack Knife and GNU Mullair. The TRS and Ejack Knife have there strengths in being more aggressive snowboards for all mountain carving. Where the Mullair is a bit more friendly in powder. The Skunk Ape has the width for riders with larger feet. Finally we get in to some powder specific snowboards like the Lib Tech Rocket Mayhem and the GNU SPAM. Both are made to float with larger noses and small tails. In the end I feel like I made the right choice with the T Rice Pro for that all mountain carver that I can still take into powder and throw some tricks with! Thanks for watching!