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  • authorblues 6 months ago

    6:55 First letter of objects on table (Scissors, Piano, Apple, Dice, Elephant) spell SPADE9:26 First word of each clue, SEA EL EWE BEA (CLUB phonetically)11:14 Lowercase letters read in order spell HEART

  • The Magic Warrior 18 hours ago

    authorblues 4000th like :)

  • Hyper V 18 days ago

    2000 iq

  • eon star 6 months ago

    Imagine trying to play scrabble against this guy...

  • Jaeden Soon 23 days ago

    yeah but does he know words like qajaqs and euouaes

  • Michael Glass 1 months ago

    Kendal Bridges ax ox ex xi xu

  • Louis Cashatt 6 months ago

    This guy must have such a large vocabulary

  • Ash Ley 3 days ago

    Louis Cashatt it’s called google

  • QuasiELVIS 1 months ago

    He specifically showed the website he uses to get words.He would know more than someone who makes this kind of comment but he's not necessarily Shakespeare's prodige.

  • 345 wer 6 months ago

    CLUB - 9:27 Sea, El, Ewe, Bea (are pronounced like C L U B)SPADE - 8:37 Scissor, Piano, Apple, Dies, Elephant. (First letter in each)HEART - 11:15 (h, e, a, r, and t are the only lowercase letters in the grid)DIAMOND - The pin on his chest (his right side, our left side) is changing letter throughout the video, spelling out D I A M O N DEdit: the letters spelling out Diamond are not in order. To get them in the right sequence you need to look at the color of his shirt. The letters are then plac...

  • addmorebacon 22 days ago

    Why'd you explain the one he gave us lol

  • Brandon Marrs 1 months ago

    Great job! We all ready had other comments with the answer and he gave us the first puzzle answer in the video

  • Vikas Patil 6 months ago

    Am I the only idiot who didn't notice any of those changes throughout the video?

  • QuasiELVIS 1 months ago

    I noticed but I thought shooting something like this over 2 days was pretty normal.

  • sj burgess 1 months ago


  • mattalgrand 6 months ago

    I feel dumber than ever.

  • QuasiELVIS 1 months ago

    @Magicalleela Not everyone has talents. Most people aren't very good at anything.For every person with a 130 IQ there's another with a 70.

  • Magicalleela 5 months ago

    Your talents lie elsewhere...

  • cru·​ci·​ver·​bal·​ist (noun)- the most unnecessary but awesome word I have heard in a while

  • MiSti 1 months ago

    Antidisestablishmentarianism.. THAT is the most useless word. Yes, important meaning.. but how and WHEN would u EVER use it in a sentence?! Like a proper sentence with meaning in its word, not just: ____ is the longest word ever.Also: phlocinocinhilipilification. Useless waste of letters.

  • Al Elvidge 6 months ago

    the first letter of each item on the table - scissors; piano; apple; dice; elephant - spells SPADE

  • Les Bru79 2 months ago

    Spells club

  • Les Bru79 2 months ago

    S also on the clues, sea el ewe bea, sea c el l ewe u bea b

  • KL Cassidy 6 months ago

    My life is complicated and confusing enough as it is, I don't need a puzzle adding to it.

  • Chupa Cabra 5 months ago

    @ShadowEcto: I hate sports questions. I never watch or read about sports!

  • Mandi Miller 5 months ago

    aknopf Haha me too 👍🏼😂

  • Nick S 6 months ago

    Actually quite fascinating the thought that goes into creating every puzzle. Well explained!

  • Colin Christensen 1 months ago

    Janet Wayman no, he explained how you want to put the black spots in places where it would be difficult to make a word

  • Janet Wayman 1 months ago

    Actually very poorly explained. He already had all the words picked out. And he just put black squares in randomly?