The Ending of Tag Der Toten is Better Than you Think

  • Published on:  9/27/2019
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    This video breakdown the ending of Tag Der Toten where the Victis crew recovers the Argathan device, elemental shard, and Apothicon Blood to give to Primis and Ultimis to end the storyline. Samantha and Eddie are the only survivors of the aether world due the sacrifices of Nikolai and Richtofen. It is a heartbreaking ending to the series that deals with interpersonal and self-actuated problems instead of physical ones. It is an interesting way to end Call of Duty Zombies.

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    Quick Summary of the story so far:
    Vicits is back for the END GAME of Black Ops 4 zombies on the suspected Call of the Dead Remake map where they will confront Dr. Monty, The Shadowman, and the Apothicons one final time. This is what we have waited for all these years. The conclusion to our zombie saga.

    Inside Call of Duty Black Ops 4's DLC 3 Alpha Omega Zombies Primis and Ultimis team up to recover the elemental shard. They travel to Camp Edward, a broken Arrow base, to remove the shard from inside the APD or American pyramid Device. To open the APD Primis and Ultimis must win the trust of an AI called Rushmore inside Alpha Omega.

    The crew completes many tasks like reviving Peter McCain and fighting the Avagodro. Then the save Sam to start their final quest to fight Dr. Monty in the Aether or Agartha in the hopes of destroying element 115 once and for all. That is where these teasers lead into for DLC 4.

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