Irish People Try American Pringles

  • Published on:  1/7/2019
  • Irish people try eat, pop and play with some Pringles! MERCH MADNESS:
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    Holy moly, American Pringles! We were sent in a bunch of different Pringles flavours from Cliff all the way from the Americas and we gave them to our Tryers to see what they thought!

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  • Brian Sparks
    Brian Sparks 7 hours ago

    So this is a video about how dumb the Irish are??? Where are the paddy wagons when you need em?

  • James Dooling
    James Dooling 9 hours ago

    When my husband disappears mysteriously, I'm gonna marry an Irishman.

  • Forest Bertrand
    Forest Bertrand yesterday

    Why the heck would anyone want Pringles.

  • Michelle
    Michelle yesterday

    Need to do Pringle combinations. Example: BBQ on top of Pizza or Sour Cream on top of Spicy Queso.

  • Jennifer Grabener

    "Loud" is slang for bold. Like when a man is peacocking and wears a bold bright colored suit we say "wow that's Loud af!" Lol so no the pringles didn't crunch louder but they were supposed to be more flavorful than the original flavors.

  • Daehawk
    Daehawk yesterday

    Someone poke Davey to see if he is asleep. I think he's sleep walking.

  • craftyperson everday




  • Clemson Tiger
    Clemson Tiger 2 days ago

    Poor cans of Pringles are destroyed

  • Haley s
    Haley s 2 days ago

    Omg I got so excited when he said “pickles that you get on McDonald’s burger” when I was pregnant I craved them because it was like a McDouble flavor pickle Pringle so amazing!!

  • Jada Waldmann
    Jada Waldmann 2 days ago

    0:40 that girl DRAGGED Americans

  • Wonder World Vids
    Wonder World Vids 3 days ago

    Sub to pewdiepie

  • Arvo Part
    Arvo Part 3 days ago

    I didn't like all the sexual innuendos. I was expecting more from the Irish.

  • Hans Peter Wurst
    Hans Peter Wurst 3 days ago

    Cunt licking her fingers before grabbing another chip fml hate those kind of people

  • Huli81
    Huli81 3 days ago

    When did Tom turn into a grumpy little pringle punching bitch

  • ienol
    ienol 3 days ago


  • Dan Mac
    Dan Mac 3 days ago

    I think i just discovered my love for irish women but i guess it was predictable as im half irish.... How do i break the news to my fiance?

  • Nobawdy Special
    Nobawdy Special 3 days ago srill waiting for Oreo to do biscuit only. NO creme filling at all. just gimme the biscuits!

  • Nobawdy Special
    Nobawdy Special 3 days ago

    im with dude. "gimme REGULAR Pringles any day of the week"

  • Tammy Brown
    Tammy Brown 4 days ago

    I'm an American and I don't know anyone who likes pringles loud. There disgusting.