Carla Makes Eggs Four Ways: Poached, Fried, Scrambled & Omelette'd | From the Test Kitchen



  • Lexi Bowen 1 years ago

    i watch brad if i want something lighthearted and silly, i watch claire if i want something interesting and informative, and i watch carla because she reminds me of my own mom trying to teach me how to fend for myself, lmao, love this channel

  • Aaron Quick 2 days ago

    @Voogi Voogz This so much.

  • David Jatak 1 months ago

    I watch Chris for his palate and for the tEmPeReD cHoCoLaTe

  • Allana Entrada 6 months ago

    thank you carla for validating the way i make fried eggs

  • recca01982 yesterday

    @8ightBitKid Wow,.... how DARE someone have a differing opinion to myself! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! RAWR!. That being said, unless you've tried it, or grown up with it this way, I could see why you people don't like it. But to call someone an idiot over a FOOD PREFERENCE,.... kind of shows you exactly who the idiot is.

  • Abigail Vogt 1 years ago

    wow i love her. i want her to invite me over for wine but also adopt me

  • Hadir Kabani 1 years ago

    Finally someone who does fried sun side up egg the RIGHT WAY! I hate when people make it and the white is not crispy and yolk has translucent slime in it. Like no. The scrambled though I like making it golden aswell and the omelette, Im weird 😂👏🏻 it has to be well done for me and the poached and the hard boiled eggs are a no ..... cause they are cooked.

  • Mahnoor Inam 12 days ago

    @JERÓNIMO AGUILAR on a day trip out

  • Daniel A Millar 4 months ago

    TinTin I wasn’t seriously arguing people shouldn’t be allowed to ruin their steaks. If you dislike taste, that’s your preference.

  • Atlαѕ- Z 1 years ago

    "into le crack, I put le chives!"lol she's definitely a mom

  • Ferroth 11 days ago

    shiny af

  • Periton 2 months ago

    @Tt Tt its a mom joke and she said her son can make scrambled eggs

  • Joseph Holman 9 months ago

    2 eggs per person? I usually have 6😂

  • animayyy 12 days ago

    yes queen we stan the normalization of overeating

  • Ben Sosnowski 25 days ago

    Nightcore Daisuki I just googled if egg colesterol is bad for you and the first result is Mayo Clinic saying saturated and trans fat have a way higher impact than food colesterol.Nice to see one other person cares about the truth. So much misinformation and people need only to google it to find out

  • Toby dog an hour ago

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  • Al Aquino 1 years ago

    She is so delicate with her ingredients. It's like she is bringing it to life. Beautiful eggs, what an excellent chef.

  • Seann Holmes 7 months ago

    And she was wrong

  • Johannes Jørgensen 8 months ago

    i can't believe you missed the opportunity to use the "eggcellent" pun

  • SDoesNotKnow 11 months ago

    That fried egg with the oil and crispy brown edges is EXACTLY how I love my fried eggs, especially with white rice and a Vietnamese style fried pork chop. As for scrambled, I do a variation of Ramsey's style (I skip the cream) where I cook it in a pot with a big dollop of butter and stir it on the heat and don't salt and pepper it until after I take it off the heat. As for poached, the first time I tried, I was using Julia Child's recipe which called for vinegar, and I'm glad Carla found the vinegar to...

  • Nhật Phạm 7 months ago

    @Nunnles Then why did you commented? Carla would love to read fan's recipes

  • atreidestw 1 years ago

    This is why I come to this channel. I had no idea I was giving the wrong specifications for my eggs when at restaurants. From now on when I'm prompted "how would you like your eggs?" I will reply: "Shiny AF"