Intel's Impressive Pre-Built Mini-PC: Review & Tear-Down of Phantom Canyon NUC

  • Published on:  4/22/2021
  • Intel’s newest ultra-small form factor gaming PC is out, and we’re benchmarking the Intel Phantom Canyon NUC11PHKi7C pre-built PC for thermals, power, build quality, and gaming performance.
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    Intel’s NUC line has been one of the company’s best endeavors over the years. The previous NUCs included Ghost Canyon (and the Compute Element), and before that, Hades Canyon. Both of these were unique in their own ways: Ghost Canyon had a socketable PC that could install in a PCIe slot, while Hades Canyon features an amalgamation of Intel and AMD to form a mobile computing powerhouse. Phantom Canyon us the new one, or more accurately named the NUC11PHKi7C for this kit, and runs an Intel CPU with an NVIDIA RTX 2060. Our benchmarks of this small form factor HTPC include gaming tests, thermals, power testing, IGP testing, and a couple production benchmarks for Premiere and code compile. We also did a full tear-down of the Phantom Canyon NUC, looking at the build quality and design.


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    00:00​ - Intel's Best Work
    02:05 - Unique NUC Pre-Builts
    04:08 - Phantom Canyon NUC Tear-Down & Disassembly
    13:42 - CPU Thermals & Fan Curve Settings
    15:26 - NUC CPU + GPU Thermals
    16:10 - Vertical vs. Horizontal Thermals
    16:54 - NUC11PHKi7C Power Consumption
    18:15 - Game Benchmarks for Phantom Canyon
    19:47 - IGP Testing
    21:36 - Chromium Code Compile
    22:24 - Adobe Premiere Benchmarks
    23:31 - Final Hardware Thoughts
    27:42 - Conclusion

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    Host, Test Lead, Writing: Steve Burke
    Testing, Writing: Patrick Lathan
    Script Peer Review: Patrick Stone
    Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick