Summit Voice TROLLING Xbox Kids! (Summit1g Sea of Thieves Trolling)

  • Published on:  12/2/2019
  • Summit Voice TROLLING Xbox Kids! (Summit1g Sea of Thieves Trolling)

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    Time Stamps; *The Xbox players are talking throughout the whole video*
    0:55 – Summit hears the kid’s xbox mics on LUL.
    3:15 – Summit boards the ship.
    9:55 – Summit moves to an above board tuck spot.
    10:54 – The xbox players row back to their ship.
    12:31 – Summit SO CLOSE to being spotted!
    18:32 – Summit wieners the map.
    19:15 – Summit sneaks behind an xbox player off the ship LUL.
    19:33 – Summit tucks right behind an xbox player and isn’t spotted?????
    22:01 – Summit tries the “xbox off” line in voice chat!
    22:49 – Summit is finally spotted.
    23:30 – Summit tucks on the ship again.
    30:31 – The xbox players take their rowboat and sail the wrong way LOLLLL.
    31:26 – Summit leaves a banana on their stove to burn.
    36:49 – The banana finally starts on fire on their ship!
    38:06 – The xbox players panic and return to their ship to put out the fire.
    42:00 – A new pirate without a mic joins the crew POG.
    42:40 – Summit PRETENDS to be the pirate without a mic! *Voice Comm Trolling BEGINS*
    45:35 – Summit through his voice trolling gets the innocent pirate BRIGGED!
    48:09 – Summit continues to troll voice comms through a storm.
    54:00 – Summit involves Pace on the Troll; asking for him to pretend to be a bounty hunter.
    57:34 – Pace comes in to troll the players and pretend to be a bounty hunter xD.
    1:03:19 – Pace tells the players that he will show them the “”bounty hunter centre.””
    1:04:57 – Summit changes tuck spots during the chaos.
    1:05:51 – The BRIGGED pirate realises it was Summit framing him (but he doesn’t have a mic to snitch).
    1:10:00 – THEY FIND SUMMIT XD!

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