• Published on:  9/21/2018
  • Here it is! The video so many of you have been waiting for! In this episode we tear down the record setting 7 second engine that Cleetus McFarland ran in Leroy The Savage!

    We go through a bit of a break down of what happened, all the damaged parts, what can be reused, and what we will have to do to bring it back to full life!

    So check it out, enjoy, like, subscribe, and as always let us know what you think in the comments!

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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland 4 months ago+2404

    You tell me to send it and I’m going to send it.

  • Gerard Cowan
    Gerard Cowan yesterday

    A few of those push rods look bent on video

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown 2 days ago

    This Motor is amazing considering what it went through and especially at the last runs, It didn't go thermonuclear through the Block. Texas Speed must build some good Engines. A lot of Runs and worked hard. Kudos to Texas Speed and Cleetus. If an Engine is Cleetus Proof that's the one shop I would go to.

  • Dylan Sheridan
    Dylan Sheridan 4 days ago

    Anyone catch that Danny Duncan joke dude made at 4:30

  • bigtipvtec
    bigtipvtec 5 days ago

    I thought they tore the engine down in 7 seconds.. I'm so disappointed lol

  • richard Turk
    richard Turk 5 days ago

    Just can't watch this video with out feeling sick from all the jerkyness.

  • Paul Normandin
    Paul Normandin 5 days ago

    Terrible camera work. Actually got sick watching.

  • Tony Griffiths
    Tony Griffiths 9 days ago

    Fascinating, thanks a whole bunch for that, what an informative video, after Cleetus's brilliant World Record. Never was into drag racing, but since Christmas and watching Cleetus, I will follow with interest. It doesn't stop there though, Fasterproms is a great site too. Jeremy the milkman (not cows) of cars does a great job too, milking engines for the last bit of power and linearity of output. Would love to be able do that myself ! So much fun with the whole thing, dangerous, very fast and thrills by default. Rock on you guys. thanks again :)

  • Peter Lockhart
    Peter Lockhart 10 days ago

    When is the latest tear down happening?
    You guys rock!

  • gothdragon21 rs
    gothdragon21 rs 12 days ago

    Ill take 10 mtdews please

  • 12 days ago

    Please buy a tripod for the camera! :D

  • Alex C.
    Alex C. 13 days ago

    This video poping ojlut again in my recomended video when it hi 427k just like the engine is a 427cu🤯

  • schnecks 21
    schnecks 21 13 days ago

    I'm surprised the Head survived all that. impressive.

  • jorgey4
    jorgey4 14 days ago

    damn cleetus must be some kind of magician, made a rod bearing disappear by turning it to molten slag.

  • Green Line Hooligan
    Green Line Hooligan 14 days ago

    i would apprechiate if you could stop molesting the mic in the next video.

  • Todd Hutchcraft
    Todd Hutchcraft 14 days ago

    The guy holding the camera and talking. Is an idiot...

  • Doug Stephens
    Doug Stephens 14 days ago

    Maybe stop swinging the camera around and the video might be watchable

  • lickymywicky
    lickymywicky 15 days ago

    The block is done, she going too have cooling issues.

  • B Barrett
    B Barrett 15 days ago

    Killing me with the camera, sweet honey BBQ!

  • aj adams
    aj adams 15 days ago

    That engine has to go in the red vette