Robin Williams Rare, Exclusive Performance: Stand-Up at Al-Asad, Iraq, 19 Dec 2004

  • Published on:  3/2/2017
  • Robin Williams doing a show for the Marines at Al Asad in 2004, when it was still a rugged, dangerous outpost. OIF 2.2. Nothing but respect for this guy.

    There were some other folks there too which is commendable, but in re-watching the footage, Robin was the only one to go out of his way to say hi to us, plus he's one of the most amazing people our planet has been graced with. RIP. I know the Marines at Heaven's gate will snap a salute for you.

    NOTE: This was filmed with what passed for digital quality in 2004. The sound quality is not the greatest, and sometimes the laughing and yelling get loud, piercing even. But if you're complaining about the troops being too loud and happy while they're spending Christmas in Iraq, I've got nothin' for you.