Americans Try Russian Drinks

  • Published on:  9/23/2017
  • "It's just horse milk!!!"

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    Switzerland-US-Russia-Syria-Conflict -Diplomacy
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    Gary Cherkassky


  • Sanskar Wagley (Sep 23, 2017)

    the Russian girl is beautiful

  • Да 😁 согласна )Ты ,наверное, не понимаешь , что я пишу, но да ладно😂

  • Galih KrissVector (Mar 5, 2019)

    That russian woman looks like she has a mafia brother that sell illegal european sport car for sure.

  • pansalad (May 14, 2018)

    В мире так много стран а ты смотришь видео про свою еду

  • a xuli delatb

  • finalith (Mar 15, 2019)

    +NeonLights there are so many countries but you still watch a video about your own country's food

  • Is she faking? I'm Russian and I don't have such a strong accentEDIT: I think she's a Ukrainian pretending to Russian

  • Dimitri Klashnikov (8 hours ago)

    Maybe Kazakhstani

  • Tech Reviewer (This name is temporary) get used to Ukrainians pretending to be Russian

  • I love the Russian lady, her inner troll came out when she said “have you ever have, milk from horse.” 😂

  • nyrforever1 (1 day ago)

    +Dmitry Gromov jewish russian. Theres plenty of us here in New York.

  • Dark Trainer Z (Sep 23, 2017)

    “Before you drink, you must say a toast.”“To my beautiful future Russian wife!”*cricket chirps*

  • Hassan Fuad (Jan 21, 2019)

    I feel bad for the guy, This video will haunt him f o r e v e r

  • KEJ_ Dragon (Jun 19, 2018)

    My Russian friend gave me Kvass once and I have never been able to describe the taste. It is a very unique drink.

  • Shazi Gets Sober (1 day ago)

    It tastes similar to a malt, but malt has a stronger taste. According to older Russians kvass has been diluted over time.

  • Interventer (Mar 13, 2019)

    Tastes like bread or something So unique I didnt like the taste I had to vomit I have 2 russian friends

  • пронансиейшн вери гуд блять

  • Player One _ (Jan 16, 2019)


  • +Cr0wdz1 😂😂😂😂

  • Nika Yalichava (Jun 6, 2018)

    Sorry guys, but Tarxun and Borjom are Georgian drinks, and yes borjom does taste like they way they described but it is very very healthy.

  • +StrangerThingsFan21 well you might bot care about it but some care :)

  • Max Dreska (May 31, 2018)

    0:15 wódka is how the polish write it, not the russians