Americans Try Russian Drinks

  • Published on:  9/23/2017
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  • Ironbolt 10 months ago

    Me and every other Russian here know that that girl's accent is fake.

  • SCP 49 yesterday


  • Iliana Slevkoff yesterday

    Она озвучивала первую букву каждого слова дважды.

  • Is she faking? I'm Russian and I don't have such a strong accentEDIT: I think she's a Ukrainian pretending to Russian

  • BZing 2 hours ago

    XD_ Stryns 🇰🇿my country🇰🇿

  • Cooper 28 days ago

    So, for Americans does "Russian" mean anything east of Germany?

  • Optimal Future an hour ago

    J Z which since it’s alcohol it was nothing

  • poisonmoon123 9 days ago


  • Paata Chakhvashvili 2 months ago

    BORJOMI is Georgian, KUMIS is Kazakh, cyka blyat !!!

  • SCP 49 yesterday

    yes blyat

  • MarkHyuck Neoneko 2 days ago

    Kumis is also Kyrgyz

  • Dark Trainer Z 1 years ago

    “Before you drink, you must say a toast.”“To my beautiful future Russian wife!”*cricket chirps*

  • red comn 5 days ago

    Nyetflix and chill

  • Jaden Rhodes 2 months ago

    that made me actually cringe

  • 2:47 Borjomi is not Russian mineral water Borjomi is georjian mineral water.

  • Anuki Gotsadze 11 days ago

    P T and "soviet cuisine" as stated above, is the cuisine of mixed cultures, not Russia, but many countries of different backgrounds, so if we go deeper into the meaning of "soviet union", as it doesn't exist any more, the truth is that it (the drink) was originated in Georgia, which was timely a part of soviet union, which simply disappeared from the map, so I do not see any clue as to why modern Russia should be understood as Soviet Union

  • Anuki Gotsadze 11 days ago

    P T Borjomi has been a part of Georgia since long before Russia even appeared on the map, so the popularisation of the DRINK is no strong argument, especially when till this day it belongs to Georgia and is a company that sells Georgian natural waters👌🏻

  • კალდუნა 2 months ago

    2:47 Borjomi is NOT Russian it is Georgian!!! Shame on you BuzzFeed!!!!

  • Infamous 19 days ago


  • I Like Math 26 days ago

    @meow meow 7799 if you have ads for it that doesnt mean its from your country

  • Ey3dontkn0w 29 days ago

    The Russian drink we all know and love*vodka*

  • Блядь...

  • Алииии , ну а точней Али Апабва

  • A P29 7 months ago

    "Doesn't smell like anything" Well pashol hahui it is Water Cyka

  • Блядь...

  • Tunev 28 days ago

    80% of the comments are talking about that Georgian drink15% about the guy falling in love with that Russian girl5% random stuff