Adding Fish to the Bass Pond!!

  • Published on:  9/16/2018
  • After the Hurricane Gordon setback, we fixed our issues and added some fish to the backyard bass pond.

    Day 1 Pond Build:

    Day 2 Pond Build:

    Adding Crappie and Catfish to the Pond:

    Our Backyard Pond Parts:
    Waterfall Pump -
    Recirculation Pump -
    Skimmer -
    Pondless Waterfall -
    Liner -
    Auto Dosing System -
    IonGen System -
    Led Lights -
    AquaBlox -
    Valves -
    Skimmer Pole -
    Skimmer Net -
    Skimmer Filter -
    Chlorine Remover -

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  • Cheng Her
    Cheng Her 10 days ago

    that guy that spill the red clay into the pond probably felt so bad.

  • gustavo ramos
    gustavo ramos 13 days ago

    only missing the carp .... beautiful lake ... congratulations

  • Iam High
    Iam High 16 days ago

    nice pond well made vids, but ads should be at start and end only, if i wanted tv commercials, id watch tv instead of youtube....tis why ya got a like instead of subscribe...

  • stefan w
    stefan w 20 days ago

    Waste of money!! I bet you like that 18 inches

  • Troy Crowder
    Troy Crowder 20 days ago

    them french drains work well when you put them in right that tile should be covered with river rock and then soil

  • Javier Ramirez-Garcia

    Company name please where is?

  • Chad Thompson
    Chad Thompson 25 days ago

    Jesus Deshaun you had ONE JOB man!

  • Aquaponics Power
    Aquaponics Power a months ago

    that would of cost a pretty penny

  • Adele Dazeem
    Adele Dazeem 1 months ago

    I want a pond like this so badly. Also I'd love to be creating things like that all the time

  • Nicksperiments
    Nicksperiments 1 months ago+5

    Disliked. Not a single bass guitar was added to the bass pond, just a bunch of fish. Smh..

    ROWAN PLAYZ 1 months ago

    YES! Tadpoles! Can't wait to see the ecosystem grow!

  • Unitedetruself Life
    Unitedetruself Life 1 months ago

    Pleasure watching how awesome you made your pond!

  • Linda Leslie
    Linda Leslie 1 months ago

    I found your channel thru your video with Greg Woodstock "The Pond Guy!" Great work!

    WE THE PEOPLE 1 months ago

    Its to small

  • James Green
    James Green 1 months ago

    I would love you guys just for being able to open my window if I lived next to you and hear that waterfall all night

  • K sweeney
    K sweeney 1 months ago

    An underwater cave with a HD live feed would be so awesome for the homeowner and us to be able to watch!

  • TheSpicyNoodle #14
    TheSpicyNoodle #14 1 months ago

    We just call Mosquito Fish Minnows

  • Brad Helton
    Brad Helton 1 months ago

    Great video! Beautiful pond! But damn those ads! LOL!

  • Stephen 1982
    Stephen 1982 1 months ago

    That pond couldn't have turned out about better. Absolutely beautiful job. I'd wake up every morning and smile after seeing that in my backyard. Congrats!!!

  • FPKBlast
    FPKBlast 2 months ago

    Thanks the lord that bass dont have bigger teeth 😂👍