Lakers Post Game: Kyle Kuzma Scores Career High 41 Pts on the Pistons, The Team He Grew Up Watching

  • Published on:  1/9/2019
  • Los Angeles Lakers Forward Kyle Kuzma Scores Career High 41 Pts on the Pistons, The Team He Grew Up Watching.🏀🏀Check out the 2018-2019 Season Previews for each Laker:❓❓Have seen the 'Lakers Mentality Drill'? Check out how this year's NBA prospects perform:✔️ Help us continue to provide Lakers coverage and SUBSCRIBE:✔️ Our MOST POPULAR Videos: on Social Media:☑️ Like on Facebook:☑️ Follow us on Twitter:☑️ Follow on Instagram:☑️ Get exclusive Lakers content here and stay up-to-date with everything in Lakerland!More at!


  • Diogenes Arauz 6 months ago

    People are not watching nor learning how Lonzo and Kuz work. Lonzo is not going to take shots if he see’s his teammates catch fire. He doesn’t need to score to be effective.

  • Ja Rule 6 months ago

    Him and zo are straight fire together.

  • Joseph Langan Facts, him and Lebron too

  • Anto w 6 months ago

    Kuz is the second best player on this team and has proven he should make the all star team. Mainstream media needs to show respect and stop putting Jayson Tatum ahead of this dude. #kuzallstar

  • Jorge Roman 6 months ago

    Fuck kuz...

  • I noticed you have 41 likes, I was gonna like this but I think it’s best to keep it at 41 also #Facts to what you’re saying

  • Alex Gonzalez 6 months ago


  • Druth 6 months ago

    Better than Jayson TatBum

  • SuperArab 6 months ago

    @Alex I like that last sentence, they're both good and growing. Let's let em reach their prime then decide. Even though I disagree with you and think kuz is better I still up voted that comment.

  • Korey Paul 6 months ago

    @Alex How does Tatum being younger make him better now?...

  • Roman Avila 6 months ago

    Ppl are always complaining about how the Lakers don't have a 2nd star and that they need to trade for one....Nope...they already found him... KUZ CONTROL ! ! ! LETS GO BBY !

  • James Allen jr. 6 months ago

    My new fav saying... Put it in "KUZ CONTROL".

  • Mitchell A 6 months ago

    HUGE win to start the 2nd half. And if it wasn't for Kuz? We probably would've won by less than the 13 point win.

  • Mitchell A probably would have taken an L

  • Janelle Taylor 6 months ago


  • SneakOne_ 6 months ago

    Kuz Control!

  • Ovais Maq 6 months ago

    Kuzma should put up 500 shots before every game if he gonna play this good.