My Thoughts on ASMR

  • Published on:  2/13/2016
  • It's pretty weird.

    This is the longest video I've ever made (so far) I worked really hard on it, I hope you like it! If any of the ASMR channels are watching, thanks for making content for me to talk about!

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  • DiamondICE 544
    DiamondICE 544 2 hours ago

    Jump yump

  • M C17
    M C17 3 hours ago

    For me personally, I use ASMR just to help me relax and sleep when I need it. But I only listen to one Youtuber specifically.

  • Ry Mo
    Ry Mo 4 hours ago

    James, you’re super immature sometimes

  • Andres B
    Andres B 5 hours ago

    Bro I love asmr

  • Elijah Jamieson
    Elijah Jamieson 6 hours ago

    James “came out” at 2:53

  • Me the Funny Model
    Me the Funny Model 7 hours ago

    Well ok I’m sorry for doing asmr...-_-

  • Shadow_ Wing101
    Shadow_ Wing101 7 hours ago

    Ive watched a few amsr videos and it has no effect on me (like yandere/put to sleep/beat u up to sleep/etc). I guess I have a stone heart because I felt nothing like trying to paint white paint over white paper.

  • Sofi Animates
    Sofi Animates 8 hours ago


  • Lesly 101
    Lesly 101 8 hours ago

    Lmao i love watching asmr but im not really fan of just the talking asmr i started by watching just eating and i watch of few others but not just like mouth sounds stuff 😂

  • YoutubePoro
    YoutubePoro 8 hours ago

    I know I hate asmr

  • Zachary Fausett
    Zachary Fausett 9 hours ago

    At least you have 20M views

  • ILiKeSTurtles73 Gaming

    Everybody subscribe to PewDiePie now!

  • Pika Productions
    Pika Productions 9 hours ago

    8:12 I'M CRISTIAN

  • Kaden Dhaliwal
    Kaden Dhaliwal 10 hours ago

    this video is a good weird

  • Kaden Dhaliwal
    Kaden Dhaliwal 10 hours ago


  • Alpha
    Alpha 10 hours ago

    2:51 gay

  • The Architect
    The Architect 10 hours ago

    8:10 the best meme of 2019. Just saying.

  • Mak and Ria
    Mak and Ria 10 hours ago

    “yOu CaN bEaT mE bObBy”

  • Ashley Gallegos
    Ashley Gallegos 13 hours ago

    Oh my god this video (not james but the topic and asmr video he included) makes me frustrated and disgusted and I want to like punch the girl in it

  • Dusted turtle
    Dusted turtle 13 hours ago

    Sleeping is a local workshop and the female is a good name to you know what the redwood