iPhone 5 / 5C did NOT get iOS 11. Is it time to upgrade?

  • Published on:  4/19/2017
  • In iOS 10.3 and on, Apple is warning users of older 32 bit apps
    that the app will not work with future versions of iOS.
    Future versions most likely means iOS 11, expected to be released
    in September with the iPhone 8. (Betas coming in June)

    That means that if your daily phone is an iPhone 5 or 5c, or you
    are using an iPad 2 or first gen iPad mini, you will be left behind
    on iOS 10.

    So is now the time to upgrade to a newer 64 bit device?

    An easy solution would be to upgrade to the iPhone 7, or wait
    until September and order the iPhone 8.

    But what if you can't throw out that kind of cash for a brand new
    device, what are the alternatives, and how do the
    older 64 bit devices compare to the 32 bit devices?

    I decided to make this video since I am thinking about
    upgrading my kids who are currently on iPhone 5.

    What kind of performance boost will they get if I upgrade them to
    the 5S, the 6 or the 6S?

    In this video I will run some basic performance test comparing the iPhone 5
    to the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, and hopefully it will help determine
    how these devices compare against each other and help you select the best

    Note : The devices in this video are on iOS 10.3.1

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    The iPhone 5 which is 32 bit really is showing it's age against
    the 64 bit devices. Boot time, Geekbench, iMove rendering
    and more it is considerable slower than the 64 bit devices.
    If form factor is important to you, then the obvious upgrade
    should be the 5S or the SE. There are alot of used 5S devices
    on the market, and they should be able to be bought at a fair
    If you compare the iPhone 6 to the 5S, the iPhone 6 is not really
    that much faster. Sure it is faster, but not by much.
    Of course the safest bet is to upgrade to the SE or 6S, but these
    devices are still not cheap to get.
    If you have a 5S, I think you should skip the iPhone 6 all together. Sure you will get a larger screen, but there is not much of a performance boost there. You should look for the SE
    or the 6S.