Black Lives and Voices Matter: an art exposition (fundraiser closed!)

  • Published on:  5/30/2020
  • Hi everyone!
    Once again I wanted to thank you all for the massive support on this project, and I’m so proud of all the good that you all have created just by watching. I hope you’ve found some new artists to enjoy and found a desire to always lend a helping hand where you can!

    Recently, I spoke with a representative at YouTube about the video fundraiser and it was found to violate Google monetization guidelines, in that it encourages “users to click or watch ads to increase the contribution” and I am working with them to amend that so that the video can return and stay up!
    However, because YouTube so believed in the essence of the project, they have committed to making a donation equal to what all of you have raised in the name of the project. I’m still looking at which organisations will get what, and the final donation amount, but to say a phrase i’ve gotten very used to saying this week, “I’ll let you know when I know!”

    The video will still be up on my channel although you’ll notice there’s no more ads to watch, and the title and intro may be a little different, but I still want you all to be able to enjoy the supremely talented artists involved. Please check them out on all of their listed social media, for this project wouldn’t be possible without them!

    I’d also like to thank all of the media outlets and creators using their platforms to give this project some shine. Your dedication to using your voice to share and do good work speaks volumes and I am entirely grateful. Perhaps more importantly, to all of you people who shared this video on your instagram, spoke about it with your friends and families, tweeted and watched and were excited at a way to help that you couldn’t otherwise, I am BEYOND proud of you, and thank you for being part of the power behind social change.

    Thank you so so much everyone!
    As always, I’ll keep you posted!
    Love, Zoe 💗

    In addition to watching this video and listening to the great artists in it, here are some petitions to sign in relation to these tragic losses and other ways to help.