The Trixie & Katya Show: The Art of Hooking Up (Full Episode)



  • VICE 3 months ago

    As a UK exclusive and to celebrate VICE shows coming to All 4, we’re sharing a bunch of full episodes from the series which have been airing on our TV channel over the past couple of years. Enjoy this episode from ‘The Trixie & Katya Show’ and then catch up on the full series through the VICE collection on All 4:

  • Gemma C 3 months ago

    ok i can't wait to watch this on 4 EEEK

  • So so good! More!

  • Ben Blyth 3 months ago

    Come on all4

  • J 3 months ago

    It is

  • Sisay Isco Fekadu 2 months ago

    That make up is seriously weird.

  • Sisay Isco Fekadu 22 days ago

    @Robyn Brown Not sure if i like it or not

  • Robyn Brown 23 days ago

    Sisay Isco Fekadu that’s a good thing isn’t it?

  • hoobady doo 3 months ago

    glorifying degeneracy, this is why the west is falling.

  • Caffeine Addict 29 days ago

    Lewis Drags been around for centuries, people like you are the entire problem.

  • Caffeine Addict 29 days ago

    It’s called drag, it’s been around centuries. The reason the west is falling apart is because of people like you.