• Published on:  5/13/2019
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  • jrodlove23 (5 days ago)

    My mom never let us use the dish washer growing up she said it was for the huevonas 😂😅

  • Nelli Eugenio (1 day ago)


  • karaoke2fame (3 days ago)

    +Julie Davis your hands can't take the heat that a dishwasher uses to kill bacteria.

  • Claud Adams (5 days ago)

    Alex please make sure Leslie turns her car on with the garage door open and if she drives into the garage.NEVER leave her car running while the garage door is closed period. I know it’s simple, but I never thought of it until I drove my car into our shop and my husband was freaking out because I always chill in my car while it’s running.

  • Antonio Pezzano (3 days ago)

    No shit idiot

  • Alyssa Estevanes (3 days ago)

    Tugg Speedman she did say she never had a garage before so stfu

  • DIEGO VARGAS (5 days ago)

    I'm not into Youtubers showing off the materialism of their fortune. This was different. You truly see how excited they are to actually have a house to the point they don't understand how much of an abundance they have. (Less is more).They are very young and the house reflects that, looks like a club not like a home. But the best part of the video, is her man is checking her out throughout the video. Can't buy love

  • Stephanie Alvarez (2 days ago)

    DIEGO VARGAS 👍🏻 great words 🙏🏻 I agree ☺️

  • Luisana Hurtado (5 days ago)

    Congrats on your first Trending video 🎊🥂🎉

  • Benedict Simbulan (5 days ago)

    Jjwkqkw888**kg jjjjiggssyrs tree thshstrrr 3

  • Cielo Sanchez (3 days ago)

    GURL TAKE A BREATH hahahaha you are making me feel all out of breath 😂 but you guys have such a beautiful home!!!! ❤️ I’m happy for you both, congratulations 🎉

  • Maria Morales (6 days ago)

    Most humble YouTube couple out there . Love you both!! Congrats ! ❤️

  • Gillian Vega (6 days ago)

    Maria Morales I couldn’t agree more! I love that as much fame they have received and still act as if they only have a few fans!

  • monii andrade (5 days ago)

    Beautiful home Les & Alex🙏🏠 can't wait for the furnished house tour video!🙌 dios los bendiga🙏

  • Mr. Tattoo ASMR (5 days ago)

    Couple of the most humble people. You 2 are awesome.

  • Nayeli Becerra (5 days ago)

    "tub shower" it is called a bath Les lmfao

  • Marissa M.A.G (33 minutes ago)

    +Shy Lara 🤔 well till this day i have never shower in my tub. I have taken relaxing baths in it. So i don't understand why would you say we are both wrong. For a shower you obviously stand underneath running water. In this case a showerhead.

  • Shy Lara (41 minutes ago)

    Nayeli Becerra I’m pretty sure it’s called a tub. You take a bath in a tub. You’re both wrong.

  • Maya Torres (5 days ago)

    Number 3 on trending, and 400K, CONGRATS BABYGIRLL!!!!🥰🥰💍