YouTube Rewind Hates Its Creators



  • ImAllexx
    ImAllexx  9 months ago+1114

    Please check the description of this video, all channels are way bigger than mine (even pewdiepie) but by chance you might find someone new. Thanks for watching :)

  • __Megs__
    __Megs__ 14 hours ago

    Evan Dowling (at 3:46) would’ve been me at age 14
    Not even caring that Matt is married

  • Burnt Percentage
    Burnt Percentage yesterday

    Thank god we still have Instagram TV

  • Dengi
    Dengi 2 days ago

    YouTube played 4 advertisements when I watched it.......

  • Cheyenne A
    Cheyenne A 15 days ago

    On one hand, YouTube as a company is so horrible, I would honestly boycott, BUT on the other hand I love and want to support these creators and YouTube is the main way to do it. It's pretty frustrating

  • Nine Tine
    Nine Tine 16 days ago

    I really like let me explain studios

  • Alex Stevens
    Alex Stevens 19 days ago

    So wait... does Alex like Emma or no? 😂

  • Alli Shaknow
    Alli Shaknow 21 days ago

    I still prefer kavos, he is my favorite British youtuber with a lisp

  • AnotherStupidUnboxingThingy !

    I think pewds was left out becuz he converted to commentary and u all kno youtube hates commentary channels

  • Madison Xx
    Madison Xx 24 days ago

    0:50 literally just cried when you said this because he’s not gonna be in anymore marvel movies after A4 and that’s depressing✌🏽

  • tonytocanova
    tonytocanova 1 months ago

    I think the funniest thing is that you all call yourselves “creators”. 😂😂😂

  • Gaming Guy2007
    Gaming Guy2007 1 months ago

    Where Are the ads??😂😂😂😂😂

  • jule c:
    jule c: 1 months ago

    i think they should put less you tubers in it ... I barely knew anyone last year ?

  • Midget Man
    Midget Man 1 months ago

    Do you have a lisp because you are brave as people will make fun of you

  • Beastwinner123
    Beastwinner123 1 months ago+1

    *What a fucking n-*

  • RealBeastMaster 69
    RealBeastMaster 69 1 months ago


    WcR GHOST_BOY 1 months ago

    Click stop seeing ad your welcome

  • Can I get 100 subs without making a video?

    Who wants to bet that the knuckles meme will be in 2018 rewind

  • Red Blood
    Red Blood 2 months ago

    Im a little tea cup.

  • Step Up Animations
    Step Up Animations 2 months ago+1

    youtube is turning out to be a shit show i was thinking of becoming a animator but it is so hard to think that i could make it