Everything Wrong With The Golden Compass In 14 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • The Golden Compass was definitely a movie that happened. You didn't imagine that. It was a thing. And it went away. Probably because they spent the entire first movie spraying exposition all over the screen. Here are the sins. TV SIns: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe4b...Thursday: Reissued CinemaSins video.Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!Podcast: http://soundcloud.com/cinemasinsSins Video Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy-v4c...Tweet us: http://twitter.com/cinemasinsReddit with us: http://reddit.com/r/cinemasinsTumble us: http://cinema-sins.tumblr.comCall us: 405-459-7466Jeremy's book: http://theablesbook.com Merch: https://teespring.com/stores/cinemasi...


  • Bryce McKenzie 10 months ago

    Does Anyone else remember this movie? I thought I dreamed it.

  • Banana Lion yesterday

    I do, and i wish they made a sequel

  • Jatin Jena 2 days ago

    @HitomiNoRyu yeah, same here.

  • Richard Gautney 10 months ago

    To be fair, the golden compass book came out two years before the first Harry Potter book, so... who's ripping off who?

  • ninja kitten 18 hours ago

    It's called the Northen lights

  • jorges romero 6 days ago

    Adwitiya Samaddar would be terrible at CinemaSins.

  • Ray 10 months ago

    You doing this movie and Avril Lavigne releasing a new song really makes me question what year it is.

  • Jack _of_alltrades 10 months ago

    *_There are many universes_* 14 000 605 in fact, and I've only seen one where cinema sins does infinity war.....

  • Underrated comment. This literally made my day! Thank you!

  • Star Hunter 5 months ago

    @TheCumberCoIlective Oh hush. Just enjoy the joke.

  • Quill Maurer 10 months ago

    The biggest sin of this movie, in my opinion, is that they tried to water down the anti-religion theme of the book, removing a lot of very important aspects of the story and making a lot of the background and motivations vague, resulting in a lousy movie, yet it was still had enough anti-religion, as well as just it's existence from it's source material, that the religious establishment hated it and campaigned against it. Result was that it didn't make either the religious or the secular (especially th...

  • Francisco Chavez 9 days ago

    Having read the books, the resolution wasn't that great. What kind of resolution has Dust start to behave because a boy and a girl share a kiss? Isn't that something that happens all the time? Overall, I liked the books, but the ending sucked. It wasn't GoT ending level of suck, but it's not something I would call good.

  • subtlesraf 1 months ago

    the original series is anti organised religion, not anti religion or anti faith just to clear things up

  • nickynak3 10 months ago

    This film is heartbreaking because they had a fantastic story, gorgeous visuals and a stellar cast, but still managed to make a crap film? I just don't understand how they managed it.

  • Francisco Chavez 9 days ago

    @La Vaka , Haha, someone thought that a movie based on something named, "His Dark Materials", was too dark. Not only did they not read the book, they didn't even bother looking up the name of the book series.

  • Anatoly Dyatlov 1 months ago

    @shadowflower93 HBO****

  • Whitney Lackenbauer 4 months ago

    Your daemon only takes a shape after you become an adult, and your daemon shape can be based on your position and job

  • Francisco Chavez 9 days ago

    So, they did have to read the book in order to know that, sounds like something worthy of a few more sins to me.

  • nopeand you'll probably be endlessly teased by your coworkers for having an out of place daemondidn't realize this till now, but this world doesn't take kindly too kindly to midlife crises

  • Raimar Lunardi 10 months ago

    Is is just me or he seems angrier with this movie picking things that he let go on others?

  • I for one like the book being named The Gold Compass(and it's what the Swedish name translates to), makes a nice plot meaningful trifecta, with the subtle knife, and the amber spyglass

  • Henry Blake 3 months ago

    Because the expectation of this film were so high because it was based on one of the best book series ever written and then they completely butchered it and made the worst film ever. But at least they called it the golden compass and didn't use the actual title do you can ignore it.

  • Nathan Gamble  10 months ago

    Reading the book doesn't make the movie seem better, it just makes it seem worse. The story is really badly explained, and not even well acted, despite all the big names. A few characters got merged together in ways that don't make sense for the story, and they removed some important character deaths: Tony Makarios got merged with Billy Costa, and he doesn't die, which introduced a couple of sins and removes the important point that intercision is nearly always fatal.The Dark Materials trilogy is a v...

  • Francisco Chavez 9 days ago

    My rule of thumb is, if the book is based on the movie, read the book first, if the movie is based on the book, watch the movie first. In other words read (or watch) the derivative work first. This doesn't always hold true, but over the years it has done better than 50-50.I first started coming up with this rule of thumb when I watched the Born Identity. Everyone was going on and on about how great the movie was, and all I could think about was how disappointing it was when compared to the book. On ...

  • Audri Valentin 28 days ago


  • River Griffith 4 months ago

    I think when you have a giant world building story like this, where you need this much exposition, it’s much better suited to a tv series

  • Jacob McKinney 2 months ago

    If only HBO and BBC could collaborate on such a project 🤔

  • River Griffith Ummmm... I’ve got some good news