Everything Wrong With The Golden Compass In 14 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • The Golden Compass was definitely a movie that happened. You didn't imagine that. It was a thing. And it went away. Probably because they spent the entire first movie spraying exposition all over the screen. Here are the sins.

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  • Stephanie Ferreira
    Stephanie Ferreira 2 days ago

    Seus vagabundos do filhas da pulta caralhooo olha o que o macaco feis com o gatinho 😤😲😢

  • MsDancecommander
    MsDancecommander 2 days ago

    Now that I learned about the usage and history of the term Gypsy, the term Gyptian in this series sounds unfortunate in retrospect.
    At least the books were fun to read a long while ago. And this movie is weird and stiff.

  • Heather Reagan
    Heather Reagan 2 days ago

    It is rare that I hate a book so much that I can't finish reading it. The second book of this series is one of those books. It was just super confusing and I couldn't tell what was going on or who was the good guy and who was the bad guy.

  • kyoyameganebereznoff

    All of these questions and more can be answered by reading the book. This movie is such an awful adaptation.

  • Martin Contento
    Martin Contento 3 days ago

    I like the movie. Even though I realize it is not a history lesson. I wish I could give CinemaSins more than one thumbs down. Unplug if I could. What a DB.

  • Semantic Samuel
    Semantic Samuel 7 days ago

    Why did they feel the need to have so much exposition about Dust right from the opening scene? Learning about Dust is the whole plot of the trilogy - Lyra watches Asriel's presentation and learns about the experiments on Svalbard (and they don't know about the many worlds until Asriel discovers them), then in book two we look at it from another (more scientific) angle with Mary Malone in Will's world and then even further with the Mulefa (and it's gutting that we never got to see elephants that use seeds as wheels in the films - the rumoured BBC adaptation had better be good) in book three. The film got so many things right, not least the casting being amazing, but it looked beautiful. Just a shame the script was a mess, which is ridiculous when you have source material as good as this. I've never understood the argument that the first film failed because it doesn't get the anti-religious undertones. The first book doesn't either: it's not really until books two and three that Pullman starts digging deep into his criticisms of religion (Catholicism). The first book is more of a straight fantasy/steam punk adventure with a little sci fi mixed in.

  • Adrian Rangel
    Adrian Rangel 8 days ago

    6:38 A carrot, a turtle and anything that looks like a dick. Its that simple.

  • Liz //
    Liz // 12 days ago

    I loved this movie so much it still pisses me off that we didn't get a sequel.

  • sally roslin
    sally roslin 15 days ago

    Id love if they you know? MADE A SECOND FUCKING MOVIE

  • Zap Gun
    Zap Gun 15 days ago

    Look I get it alright, but her Daemon is a ferret and ferrets are without question amazing and adorable so I'm afraid I can't pay much attention to anything else while a ferret is on screen.

  • Karmee
    Karmee 16 days ago

    God this is a throwback

  • Ben P.
    Ben P. 17 days ago

    Shut up

  • Laura R.C
    Laura R.C 19 days ago

    The Golden Compass was written before Harry Potter so in any case regarding any comparison to the Harry Potter is invalid even thou the Harry Potter movie was made first The Golen Compass book was written first so in some ways Harry Potter was copying The Golden Compass so the sins where the two are being compared should be removed

  • The Goober man
    The Goober man 20 days ago

    “Where’s the freaking milk movie?!”-cinemasins 2k18

  • notquiteordinary
    notquiteordinary 20 days ago

    Did that bear punch off the other Bear's jaw?

  • Cuddly Bear
    Cuddly Bear 21 days ago

    I saw this movie as a school field trip and I liked it a lot. But that was a long time ago. I wonder if I would still like it if I saw it again

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance 23 days ago

    Dust is a very different thing in new york lmao

  • FennelRave
    FennelRave 25 days ago

    When the monkey was stroking the ferret daemon at 4:01, couldn't Lyra feel it if they can feel what their daemons are feeling :v?

  • Sir Longshaft
    Sir Longshaft 25 days ago

    6:06 tiny bongos

  • Autumnsfantasy
    Autumnsfantasy 25 days ago

    The major problem with this movie was that the Catholic Church HATED the books (it kinda shit all over religion if you read the entire trilogy), so the producers made a lot of changes to make them happy. And it resulted in this crapfest of a movie.