Create Change | Episode 5 of 12 | Creations

  • Published on:  6/30/2020
  • Create Change | Episode 5 of 12 | Creation

    After a long 2 month break, it's back! And it's better than ever.

    As of today, we are halfway through the year. 2020 was a year that promised us gratitude, positivity, and love. Instead, we have endured 6 months of losses, sickness, and violence. This episode depicts just some of those negative events through significant characters and emotions. However, in no way, shape, or form am I a solid solution to any of these problems. But, if I can inspire just one person to make a change to their mindset, or vision of 2020 for the better, then this video is apart of the much-needed change. So, instead of revealing the character's roles/significance, I would love for you to interpret them under your own will. To conclude, 2020 is still the year that promised us gratitude, positivity, and love. We just have to fight and stand for change.

    A massive THANK YOU to the beautiful people involved in this special episode. You all mean so much to me, which made everything so much more enjoyable. Much Love Homies!


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