Want to improve your speaking vocabulary? STOP LEARNING NEW WORDS✋

  • Published on:  10/29/2019
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    Want to improve your speaking vocabulary? Precious Vocabulary secrets here!! If you want to build your vocabulary fast, this video is going to give you the most productive and effective ways to do that.
    In this video you will learn:
    - What words you ACTUALLY need to practice and learn.
    - A clear and simple technique to using new words when speaking
    - The things you should STOP doing so you can actually start seeing results.

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    Questions you probably want to ask me:
    🗣️Are you a native speaker? NO
    🌏Where are you from? Tel-Aviv, Israel (I speak Hebrew)
    ❓ How did you lose your accent? I learned acting in NYC and acquired an American Accent. So I never really lost anything. I also talk about it here: https://goo.gl/PShZ9s
    🤔 How can I sound more like a native speaker? You don't have to. A foreign accent is not a bad thing. It's a part of your identity. Of who you are. Your goal should be to sound clear, to have an impact when you speak, and to feel confident in your English voice so that you never let your English hold you back or prevent you from achieving your goals. Aiming for 'speaking like a native' sets the bar so high, you may get discourages and won't even dare to try. #CommunicationOverPerfection
    😩What's the worst thing about traditional English training? It's taught as if everyone has the name needs. And it's mostly boring.
    🇺🇸Do native speakers think you are American? At first. But later in the conversation, they may detect a subtle accent. Depends on what I'm talking about and how tired I am. I don't care about it too much though, I'm a proud non-native speaker ✊
    ❤️Who is your inspiration? Marie Forleo. I think every woman should know her. Men too. https://www.marieforleo.com/
    🎥Want to learn more about me? Watch my story: https://goo.gl/csa5iG

    If you've come all the way down here, then read this:
    You are enough. Speaking English with an accent. Getting stuck.
    Your voice and your identity make you unique. There are enough Native English speakers out there in the world... You don't need to become another one. Find your own voice. It's important to improve your pronunciation and fluency, so you feel more confident and capable. So YOU can express yourself better, and minimize the gap between your native tongue and your English.
    And If someone makes fun or judges you because of your accent, simply ask back:
    Oh, and how many languages do YOU speak?! 😏
    People who only speak one language don't always understand what it means to overcome the challenges of speaking a foreign language. Don't feel self-conscious. Teach them.