Puppy was so scared that he kept facing the wall

  • Published on:  12/9/2019
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    A puppy was all alone on a busy road, sitting next to his mother's dead body.

    He was very scared and would not let us approach. From the one side was a busy road, from the other side was a cliff. In front of him was Katerina and at the back was me.. He didn't know what to do and was bitting in every move. After hours of trying, we managed to catch him. We buried the mother and took him to the shelter.

    He had never been in contact with people before. He was facing the wall and refused to even look to us. His was shaking and he would bite. We knew he needed more time to feel safe.
    The next days, with the help of a social dog we tried to show him that humans and dogs are friends. He kept barking and wagging his tail.
    After a few days he was adopted! He would finally be safe and loved in a forever home. But the dream didn't last long.
    Some months later Marley was returning.. The family's first dog never accepted him.
    Marley had his life turned upside down once again. But he found the best foster home, and he is happier than ever. He is trained and socialized. Marley is about 1 year old.
    You might have seen Marley's story in The Orphan Pet channel. Valia helped us bring Marley to Athens, and when we was returned from the adoption, she arranged for him to find a foster home that is right for him, and that would help him overcome his problems. He is still looking for a forever home..

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