Curious Elephant Seal Pup - Elephant Point, Antartica

  • Published on:  2/27/2014
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    Aurora Expeditions
    December 2012


    Last winter, my father and sister and I took a trip to Antarctica with Aurora Expeditions (December 2012). I come from a family of avid travelers (I'm a Danish citizen and was actually born in Hong Kong, and have lived in America the past 16 years), and it has always been my goal to visit all 7 continents, so my family was very eager for the trip. I knew to expect lots of penguins, but didn't expect to have such a close encounter with a seal!

    During one of our last landings on the continent, we stopped at Elephant Point. The island is named after the large number of elephant seals that live there. We arrived at the perfect time, when there were a plethora of elephant seal pups, which are known for being curious and playful.

    I was walking around the island, looking for picturesque spots to take photos, when I was greeted by a lone elephant seal pup. Our expedition leaders told us that they may come up to us if we sit down near them, so I gave it a shot.

    Not only did the seal pup, come up to me, but he started climbing on top of me (which was actually pretty comfortable with all his blubber - and kept my legs warm!). I have to admit, I started getting worried the more he climbed on top of me and nibbled at me - there were no other people within viewing distance and I wasn't sure how hungry the seal actually was! My guess is that my bright pink pants reminded him of krill. ;)