Carson Wentz Suffers a Knee Injury After Big Hit



  • campdry
    campdry 6 days ago+1

    Anyone notice how Clements just put his hands up and let the defender run at Wentz, fucking pussy

  • Ibolistic Aiden9
    Ibolistic Aiden9 4 months ago

    0:15-0:21, I wanted to see that, I hate the Eagles

  • criticalem
    criticalem 4 months ago

    Seems like he got hurt with the hit but actually tore his acl when he tried to walk it off

  • poop
    poop 4 months ago

    i call bullshit. do you think the eagles could trust a second year qb in the playoffs. no way. He went down without a grimace and now the whole offensive game is different. defenses can't adjust fast enough for the change

  • Griefer LW
    Griefer LW 6 months ago


  • michael Castle
    michael Castle 6 months ago

    ACL & LCL? Man..... He'll never be the same again!

  • Chip Kelly
    Chip Kelly 6 months ago

    Fake injury

  • Thomas Tom
    Thomas Tom 6 months ago

    Lol I just fucked into the fence and I'm worried that sth happened to my knees tho no pain or sth but after watching this I think I'm an over dramatic pussy lol

  • Joseph Pigeon
    Joseph Pigeon 7 months ago

    Atlest he got the touchdown lol

  • pHoTyPHoToN
    pHoTyPHoToN 7 months ago

    Damn dude that shit was brutal, that knee isn't gonna be the same hopefully he can still accelerate and push like he does when he comes off injury

  • WhyCantIGetADamnedLife

    god damn it, I was quietly rooting for the Eagles because I really like Wentz, but now I'm forced to root against them because im a Patriots fan xD
    Oh well, I'd prefer that the Eagles win it WITH wentz anyway.

  • Jack Dylan
    Jack Dylan 8 months ago

    Like equals prayer for wentz

  • xBacon Grizzler69
    xBacon Grizzler69 8 months ago+1

    I'm glad to see the true colors of most fan bases coming out happy as fuck because they know they had no chance of beating us before this happened

  • Super Plushy Adventures

    See how it feels Huh? Wehn Odell got Injured Y'all laughing. But Now Hes injured now were laughing Haha

  • Cory Rardin
    Cory Rardin 9 months ago

    I keep hearing it was already teared before this hit from random news articles can anyone confirm this?

  • Doe Knob
    Doe Knob 9 months ago

    Mmmuuuaaahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!

  • Andy Selleman
    Andy Selleman 9 months ago+1

    It sure looked to me like the defender was spying that knee. He stayed low in the end zone, lined up on Carson and lead with his shoulder.
    So they can't hit each other in the head but it seems almost like the league is accepting taking out players knees. Not much done about that this year.
    But hey, if their quarterback is better than yours, heck bust him up and terminate his season. Looks like no big deal to the Commissioner and the league.
    In the hunt for league MVP, nope can't have that, let's get him! Personally, that hit looked like an Act of Terrorism to me.
    Only good thing is that dumb-ass missed the knee itself and hit a bit high. Otherwise Carson's career could have been in jeopardy.
    Watch the hit again, watch the defender stay low and basically sneak into position to take out Carson Wentz!

  • EJ Vymer
    EJ Vymer 9 months ago

    Looks like he WENTZed after that hit...

  • Adam Barnett
    Adam Barnett 9 months ago

    Damn. Never wanna see anyone get hurt like that. I'm a Cowboys fan, needless to say I don't care for the Eagles. Not that they were going to win the super bowl anyway, Philly will never win. But this guy was emerging as a great young talent, shame his season is over.

    YUNG NEPTUNE 9 months ago

    Nice :)