At Home with Susan and Will Brinson

  • Published on:  3/7/2020
  • Tag along to the Hudson Valley for a behind the scenes visit with professional photographers Susan and Will Brinson, who, as an all-consuming side project, are restoring their charming 19th century home, Stony Ford. As self proclaimed avant revivalists, Susan and Will are determined to respect and revive their home’s past but infuse it with their own personal style. You’ll see how they are taking DIY to another level and by doing all the work themselves, they have the luxury of splurging on beautiful product, from paint, fabric and wall coverings to select furniture and antiques. Learn how the Brinsons have tackled tough design decisions with aplomb and found creative solutions to even the most challenging renovation obstacles. With a passion for process and love of great design in every aspect of life, you’ll learn how the Brinsons are achieving a renovation that marries past and present with sensitivity and style! You’ll be inspired, informed and entertained!! For more visit