Don't blame scooters. Blame the streets.

  • Published on:  9/18/2018
  • The sidewalks were never meant for this.Subscribe to our channel! teamed up with the University of California to explain one of the hottest trends of 2018: dockless electric scooters. You can see more from University of California in our YouTube series Climate Lab: can also read University of California's write-up on the video above here: https://www.universityofcalifornia.ed...They’re one of many ‘micro-mobility’ innovations rocketing through the transportation sector. Even in cities with exceptional public transportation coverage, gaps persist. This is a decades old problem, often referred to as ‘the last mile/first mile.’ Cities traditionally address the last mile problem by expanding bus routes. But as cities continue to populate while transportation dept budgets dwindle, the patience of commuters is running dry. So scooters, electric skateboards, and pedal assist bikes have become an increasingly popular option for city residents.These innovations, while quite popular, also draw the ire of the oft-beleaguered sidewalk pedestrian. The past century of development prioritized car transportation, often at the expense of wide sidewalks that were once bustling with life. So the planners of today are taking a page out of history to prepare for a brave new world of alternative transportation.If you’d like to learn more about the deal with scooters in your city, I recommend following Curbed. You should start with this write-up by Alissa Walker: Here’s a closer look at the survey data on the popularity of scooters:’s Sarah Kaufman on the push to regulate scooters in cities: Here’s a NACTO write-up on what future complete streets could look like. And, just for fun, here’s that Library of Congress footage of San Francisco’s Market Street: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out our full video catalog: Vox on Facebook: Twitter:


  • Vox
    Vox  10 months ago+75

    If you’d like to learn more about the deal with scooters in your city, I recommend following Curbed. This piece by Alissa Walker inspired this video:

  • Julianoe de Geek's Curiosity
    Julianoe de Geek's Curiosity 10 months ago+286

    The thing you are looking for is BIKELANES

  • Gombos Andrei
    Gombos Andrei 2 months ago+194

    Anyone from Europe who thinks that walking 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) is not that much?

  • Ken Bob
    Ken Bob 8 months ago+203

    My favorite parts of a city are those that have tree-lined streets with at most two narrow lanes for vehicles, protected bike lanes and wide sidewalks encouraging foot traffic. These areas are catalysts for small shops and restaurants and generate a nice vibe.

  • SuperTobyproductions
    SuperTobyproductions 11 months ago+114

    Laughs in Dutch, where we not just need to cycle the last mile but just can go all over town

  • Eugene Balfour
    Eugene Balfour 10 months ago+26

    That's what happens when everything is designed with only the convenience of cars in mind

  • cicci0salsicci0
    cicci0salsicci0 11 months ago+84

    Wrong title: It should have been "Don't blame scooters. Blame people"

  • Roboko
    Roboko 11 months ago+401

    The 'last mile' issue of the US is a fault of the urban planning in itself. Much of US suburbs are huge sprawls. People live spaced out too far apart for transport connections to be economic. Scooters in the last mile is treating the symptom not the cause.

  • memyselfandY21
    memyselfandY21 11 months ago+44

    The Dutch did this for about 50 years now...

  • Versaucey
    Versaucey 11 months ago+981

    I don't know why but I read the title as "Don't blame shooters. Blame the streets"

  • gene
    gene 10 months ago+29

    As someone who thinks about urban planning everyday before going to sleep, this video makes me so happy.

  • Yeezy
    Yeezy 11 months ago+21

    I use them here in Atlanta occasionally, so fun! Our sidewalk are pretty wide and not much ppl too so its win-win

  • Ryan Joseph
    Ryan Joseph 11 months ago+22

    As someone who lives in a wheelchair, I'd like to remind 95% of everyone of my previous favorite last mile option: legs.

  • FlamingBull
    FlamingBull 11 months ago+94

    No mention of the issues haphazardly docking scooters in the middle of side walks brings, like inhibiting handicapped or wheelchaired pedestrians. Kind of surprised

    SOME TING WONG 11 months ago+14

    I think the scooters are another great way of getting around big cities
    They of course like everything have flaws

  • Rigging Doctor
    Rigging Doctor 6 months ago+26

    Each person on a scooter represents a person sitting in a car in traffic.
    Scooters take less space and alleviate traffic congestion. They also require much less energy to transport people.
    Changes should be made to make it better for scooter people.

    MGTOW ARTIST 4 months ago+7

    High Tech scooters.
    Yet collapsing infrastructure?
    Come on America. 😂

  • Ryu Jin
    Ryu Jin 7 months ago+8

    India still stuck with rules of 1906 jaywalking during green light

  • gvi341984
    gvi341984 11 months ago+5

    These scooters are far cheaper alternatives than restructuring bus/rail system. Not only that but it doesn't require more taxes or dealing with the constant union strikes France/Italy/Germany have

  • Yudi Kurnia Adi Putra
    Yudi Kurnia Adi Putra 1 months ago+4

    Americans : this scooter will be a problem for our sidewalk
    Southeast Asia : Hold my motorcycle