Future - Feds Did a Sweep (Official Music Video)

  • Published on:  1/16/2018
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  • CP Baby 1 years ago

    Damn future, this wasn't a music video this was the pilot for a damn Netflix special, #Sheesh

  • j droyaddf 12 hours ago


  • Curtis Madden yesterday

    Own god future comeback and make it a real movie

  • Lavar Aids 9 months ago

    Police:Where do u live?Me:With my parentsPolice:Where your parents live?Me:With mePolice:Where u all live?Me:TogetherPolice:Where is your house?Me:Next to my neighborPolice:Where is your neighbor house?Me:If i tell you, you wont believe me Police:Tell meMe:Next to my house

  • perreality 3 days ago

    Too wild🤣🤣😂

  • Wiscali Life 3 days ago


  • LOVE JOAN 11 months ago

    Future really outdone himself. Making movies with music. Genius!

  • Jmeezy 23 20 days ago

    Jay Jay 💯💯💯

  • yung PSA 1 months ago

    *This masterpiece is underestimated af, mos def a Netflix kinda flick, thought I was watching a movie for a sec*

  • I guess 69 didn't see this video or heard this song at all.

  • Grave Dilla 10 days ago

    What happened to em

  • Sharpguy Corp 4 months ago

    i was literally thinking the same

  • David G 7 months ago

    that feeling shitty when your not sure if they got eyes on you. I'm not even a criminal and I be paranoid sometimes lol

  • Jaba T. 10 days ago

    David G Boiiii you have no idea

  • Leer Jet 11 months ago

    The video makes you appreciate the song so much more this is real life

  • Ronda Ratliff 10 months ago

    Always watch your surroundings and the people u deal with 2018

  • 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • You are sexy af

  • predzz 1 years ago

    This is a masterpiece. Even if you don't like future this shit is iconic.

  • Tyrone G 1 months ago

    The story hits you soo bad. Classic 💯

  • HipHopBeatSource 1 years ago

    This goofy went back to the spot first. This video too real.

  • El WhiteBoy 4 months ago

    Yeah I wouldn't even go neer the HQ I would of driven around town expecting to be followed or be pulled over eventually but ya I would have driven opposite way from the HQ that was big mistake ...

  • Ville Boy05 4 months ago

    Omm a real story